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Statistics in Imaging Initiates Summer Workshop

1 October 2013 78 views No Comment

The Section on Statistics in Imaging initiated a Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) summer two-week workshop on neuroimaging data analysis (NDA) from June 4–14.

The SAMSI NDA program was motivated by the need for the analysis of high-dimensional, correlated, and complex neuroimaging data and clinical and genetic data obtained from various cross-sectional and clustered neuroimaging studies. The SAMSI NDA program serves as a platform for bringing together the leading figures in NDA, exchanging new research ideas, and training the next generation of mathematicians and statisticians in the field of NDA. The workshop was co-chaired by Jane-Ling Wang, Robert Kass, Haipeng Shen, and Hongtu Zhu.

Lecture notes and slides for all invited talks are available at the SAMSI website. A year-long SAMSI program on neuroimaging data analysis is proposed for 2015–2016.

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