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Contributors Sought for Significance

1 November 2013 237 views No Comment
Oz Flanagan, Royal Statistical Society Web Editor

Significance magazine recently celebrated its 10th birthday, and its sister website, just reached its third birthday. It’s been a hugely successful period for the publication due to the statisticians who have contributed to the magazine throughout the years.

The aim is to make statistics accessible to the ordinary reader. The trick with this is to create an interesting narrative in which authors can convey the important message that the data tell them. Statisticians have so many fascinating stories to tell from their work examining and making sense of numbers.

This is precisely the reason the American Statistical Association and Royal Statistical Society created Significance. It gives statisticians on both sides of the Atlantic the platform on which to transmit their findings and thoughts to the wider world.

If you have an idea for an article or a suggestion, please contact the Significance editor. For lengthy and detailed articles in the print magazine, you can get in touch with Julian Champkin at j.champkin@rss.org.uk. For shorter and more topical articles on the website, get in touch with Oz Flanagan at o.flanagan@rss.org.uk.

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