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The November issue of Technometrics features five articles focusing on reliability growth metrics.

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Motivations of the papers in the October issue run the gamut from adjusting to constant change, to finessing seemingly impossible enumerations, to finding new forms of simplification, to discovering hidden associations, to understanding underlying theory.

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Read about reconstructing paleoclimate, massively parallel signature sequencing, methods for assessing the accuracy of summary statistics based on large sets of correlated normal variates, and an alternative to additive-error modeling. A listing of reviewed books also is included.

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Support Wanted for Statistical Literacy Campaign

Last year, the Royal Statistical Society came up with a strategy to promote the public understanding of statistics. Here, they discuss the launch of their 10-year campaign, called getstats, which they hope will improve society’s ability to read, interpret, and critique data.

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William (Bill) I. Notz, a professor at The Ohio State University, recently approached the ASA with an offer to fund an award that recognizes the best paper published in the Journal of Statistics Education (JSE) each year.