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Get the Most Out of Your Online ASA Subscriptions

Whether you’re conducting research or doing a consultation, you’ll find online access to your ASA journal subscriptions to be invaluable. Here, we show you how to take advantage of the online features.

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Using the ASA Archives

In the spring of 2009, six statistics students used the ASA archives, located in the special collections department of Iowa State University’s library, to produce posters about statistical topics or statisticians of note. The posters were presented at JSM in Washington, DC.

Some topics and statisticians were easier to research than others. Dai-Trang Le wrote about George Snedecor, for whom there was a large number of boxes from which to pull information (almost too much information).

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Exciting things are happening within our association—our relationship with RSS through Significance, accreditation implementation, social media, electronic publications, and a new winter conference on statistical practice, just to name a few.

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The University of Maryland Baltimore County Department of Mathematics and Statistics celebrated the 25th anniversary of its statistics graduate program on April 25 in conjunction with their Fourth Annual Probability and Statistics Day.

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Here are the highlights to the May 2010 issue of The American Statistician, which opens with the feature article “Computing in the Statistics Curricula” by Deborah Nolan and Duncan Temple Lang.