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In 2014, Susan A. Murphy could give students at least 1.75 billion reasons to go into statistics. This year, she has even more…

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Why did you become a statistician? What skills do you need to succeed? We asked some of our members these questions and here is how they responded.

A Statistician's Life »

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Stu Hunter, who has influenced many statisticians, was also 1993 president of the ASA, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and a Princeton University professor for nearly a half century.

A Statistician's Life »

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Gong Tang and Michael R. Elliott interview Rod Little about his life and career.

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The signature 90s hit (“Smells Like Teen Spirit”) of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Nirvana (from the city of last month’s JSM) inspired UT-El Paso’s Lawrence Lesser to playfully depict some impressions of our subject.