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The Special Interest Group for Medical Devices and Diagnostics encourages interested ASA members to support the formation of a new section for medical and diagnostic devices.

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The third biennial Nonclinical Biostatistics Conference will take place from October 15–17. The conference was created to provide a venue for technical presentations, professional growth, and recognition for those statisticians engaged in nonclinical statistics.

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New Initiatives and Highlights of JSM 2013

The Joint Statistical Meetings provide a unique opportunity for members of our profession to come together each year and share their scientific ideas. This year’s JSM is special, with the theme being “Celebrating the International Year of Statistics.” Members of the JSM program committee have put together an outstanding program consisting of 183 invited, 196 topic-contributed, and 230 contributed sessions. Bhramar Mukherjee, JSM 2013 Program Chair, discusses some of the new initiatives and highlights on tap for this year.

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The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Science Foundation are accepting nominations for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring.

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The newest journal from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification (JUQ), launched recently with its first seven papers publishing online to Volume 1.