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ASA Offers Free Article Downloads

1 June 2010 No Comment

For a limited time, several ASA journals will have featured articles available to download for free. The following articles were chosen by the journal editors as featured articles:

Journal of the American Statistical Association

“Statistics: From Evidence to Policy,” ASA Past President Sally Morton’s address to the 2009 Joint Statistical Meetings

“A Moving Average Approach for Spatial Statistical Models of Stream Networks” (with discussion), Jay M. Ver Hoef and Erin E. Peterson

“A Statistical Framework for Differential Privacy,” Larry Wasserman and Shuheng Zhou

The American Statistician

“Passion-Driven Statistics,” Robert Easterling

“Desired and Feared—Quo vadis or Quid agis?” David R. Fox

“Moving the Statistics Profession Forward to the Next Level,” Roger W. Hoerl and Ronald D. Snee

“Thoughts on the Importance of the Undergraduate Statistics Experience to the Discipline’s (and Society’s) Future,” Brian C. Kotz

“Who Is Teaching Introductory Statistics?” Frank P. Soler

“The Business of Desire and Fear,” Rick Cleary and Sam Woolford

“Response to ‘Desired and Feared—What Do We Do Now and Over the Next 50 Years’ by Xiao-Li Meng,” Elart von Collani

“Rejoinder: Better Training, Deeper Thinking, and More Policing,” Xiao-Li Meng

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

“Another Look at the Identification of Dynamic Discrete Decision Processes,” Victor Aguirregabiria


“Statistical Methods for Fighting Financial Crimes,” Agus Sudjianto et al.

“Fraud Detection in Telecommunications: History and Lessons Learned,” Richard A. Becker, Chris Volinsky, and Allan R. Wilks

“Fraud Detection in Telecommunications and Banking: Discussion of Becker, Volinsky, and Wilks (2010) and Sudjianto et al. (2010),” David J. Hand

“Statistical Challenges Facing Early Outbreak Detection in Biosurveillance,” Galit Shmueli and Howard Burkom

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

“Rainbow Plots, Bagplots, and Boxplots for Functional Data,” Rob J. Hyndman and Han Lin Shang

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