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Meeting Planned in Memory of Julian Besag

1 March 2011 No Comment

A meeting to celebrate the life and work of the late Julian Besag will take place April 1–2 in Bristol, United Kingdom. All are welcome to attend.

There will be a memorial gathering for Besag, preceded by refreshments and followed by a reception and early evening dinner on April 1.

On April 2, a symposium covering some of the areas of statistical science to which Besag made contributions will take place. Speakers include Peter Diggle, Stephen Duffy, Leo Held, and Debashis Mondal. A poster session also is planned, to which contributions are welcome.

There is no charge to attend the meeting, other than for the cost of meals, which must be ordered in advance. To attend, send an email to sustain-admin@bristol.ac.uk requesting details be sent when available. Also, make a note if you wish to contribute a personal reminiscence and/or poster.

Updates to the program will be posted here.

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