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Submission Process for ASA Journal Manuscripts Changes

1 November 2011 No Comment

As you may know, the ASA recently partnered with Taylor & Francis to publish the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, The American Statistician, and Technometrics beginning in 2012.

A large part of this transition will be moving from the ASA’s current manuscript submission system, Allentrack, to ScholarOne. You can learn a great deal about ScholarOne by checking out the online tutorials.

Though no new manuscripts will be accepted on the Allentrack sites, those already there will complete the review and acceptance process on Allentrack. Once all papers have been cleared from Allentrack, those sites will cease operation.

Editors Wanted

The ASA is in search of editors and co-editors for seven journals. If you or someone you know is interested in helping shape the direction of these publications, please visit the following websites:

Each new editor’s term will run from 2013–2015, with a transition period beginning in mid-2012.

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