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Applied Probability Workshop on Tap for June

1 February 2012 No Comment

The International Workshop in Applied Probability will be held in Jerusalem, Israel, from June 11–14. It is intended for scientists in applied probability and stochastic modeling. Expected to attend are scientists with diverse backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, statistical physics, biophysics, financial engineering, and econophysics.

Plenary speakers for the workshop include Soren Asmussen, Aarhus University; Onno Boxma, Eindhoven University; Peter W. Glynn, Stanford University; Edward Kaplan, Yale University; Way Kuo, City University of Hong-Kong; Thomas Mikosch, University of Copenhagen; Pascal Moyal, Technical University of Compiegne; and Adolfo Quiroz , University of Los Andes.

Participants are encouraged to submit their contributions to the Journal of Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability.

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