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Call for Late-Breaking Sessions, Newsletter Readers

1 February 2012 No Comment
Mike Larsen, SRMS Program Chair, and Steven Pedlow and Ting Yan, SRMS Newsletter Editors

    There will be just two late-breaking invited sessions at JSM 2012. A late-breaking session must cover one or more technical, scientific, or policy-related topics that have arisen in the one-year period prior to the JSM in which the session is proposed to appear. Late-breaking sessions should not be used for memorial sessions. Proposals will be judged on statistical and scientific quality, novelty and timeliness of material, potential audience appeal, and completeness. Participation in a late-breaking session will not count toward the limits on participation established for the JSM. That is, a speaker can present in a late-breaking session in addition to other conference activities.

    Proposals for late-breaking sessions should be submitted by April 13 to JSM program chair, Steve MacEachern, at snm@stat.osu.edu, or SRMS program chair, Mike Larsen, at mlarsen@bsc.gwu.edu.

    A proposal for a late-breaking session should contain the following information:

    • The session title
    • A session description, including a summary of its statistical and scientific content, an explanation of its timeliness, and comments about the specific audiences for which it is of principal interest
    • The format of the session (e.g., a chair and four panelists; a chair, three speakers, and discussant; or a chair, two speakers, and two discussants)
    • Names of the session organizer, chair, speakers, panelists, and discussants
    • Complete affiliation and contact information (mailing address, phone, fax, email) for organizer, chair, and all participants
    • A title for each presentation
    • Web links to relevant technical reports, if applicable

    Email Larsen with ideas or to request help developing a proposal.

    10 Reasons to Read the SRMS Newsletter

    Every six months, the Survey Research Methods Section publishes a newsletter. Following are 10 reasons to check out the January 2012 issue:

    1. A call for volunteers from outgoing Section Chair Stephen Cohen
    2. Encouragement to participate in the SRMS mentoring program and Fourth International Conference on Establishment Surveys (ICES-IV, June 2012) from incoming Section Chair John Czajka
    3. Instructions for accessing the entire SRMS Amstat News history from Publications Officer John Finamore
    4. Details on the effect of the new ASA Section on Statistics in Imaging from Council of Sections representatives Rachel Harter and Tony An
    5. The many ways to participate in JSM 2012, San Diego, by SRMS Program Chair Mike Larsen
    6. An introduction to Pushpal Mukhopadhyay, the new SRMS webmaster
    7. A few surprising historical facts about the ASA
    8. Congratulations to the winners of the SRMS JSM 2011 poster award
    9. The history of the Waksberg Award winners and a call for nominations
    10. The SRMS mission statement and links to the section’s online resources
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