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Statistics in Chemistry Award Given for Developing Catalysts Used to Sequester CO2

1 November 2012 One Comment
Richard Lewis, Chemometrics Committee Chair, and Michael Crofty, Section Awards Chair

    The 2012 Statistics in Chemistry Award was presented to Scott Allen of Novomer, Inc. and Bradley Jones of SAS Institute, JMP Division, for their work developing novel catalysts used to sequester CO2 by incorporating it into new thermoplastics that are up to 50% by weight CO2. The collaborative development work involved the use of the new definitive screening designs recently developed by Jones and Christopher Nachtsheim of the University of Minnesota.

    The catalysts in development by Novomer have the potential to convert CO2 from an industrial waste stream into materials that can be used in the manufacture of bottles, films, laminates, and coatings on food and beverage cans, as well as in other wood and metal surface applications.

    This award recognizes outstanding collaborative efforts between statisticians and chemists for the innovative use of statistical methods to solve a problem in chemistry. The work by Allen and Jones helped solve a practical, real-world problem in polymer chemistry with far-reaching implications for future products that sequester and use CO2.

    In addition to the chemistry award, awards were given at JSM for the best contributed posters during the traditional Tuesday evening joint Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences
    /Quality and Productivity mixer.

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