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StatSoft Offers Free Software to Struggling Countries

1 January 2013 One Comment


StatSoft, Inc., one of the largest providers of analytics software, is offering STATISTICA Enterprise solutions at no charge to companies in countries most affected by the European economic downturn: Greece, Portugal, and Spain.

StatSoft’s motto, “Making the World More Productive,” reflects its core belief that business analytics and Big Data processing are key to the productivity of every growing company. The sour economies in some countries, however, have made it impossible for struggling businesses to afford the software solutions that could help them streamline operations and achieve safety, quality, and environmental improvements. So, for a limited time, StatSoft is offering its Enterprise and Predictive Analytics solutions for free to qualifying businesses.

“Given StatSoft’s recent growth in other international markets, we are very pleased to be in a position to help our corporate neighbors in Greece, Portugal, and Spain, whose well-known capabilities are being undermined by regional economic conditions,” said StatSoft’s CEO, Paul Lewicki.

“The highly educated work force in those economies is fully capable of taking advantage of the well-demonstrated, tangible productivity improvements and savings that our modern predictive analytics software can offer. Paradoxically, however, the shortage of available credit prevents them from acquiring the crucial technology that would vastly speed up their recovery. Our goal is to make sure these companies succeed, because we firmly believe that analytics can change the world for the better.”

Those companies in Spain and Portugal interested in this free software opportunity must contact the StatSoft Iberica office. Companies in Greece are welcome to contact any StatSoft office in Europe or the U.S. headquarters.

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  • Sarwar Kamal said:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am submitting my research paper aiming a PhD in Business & Economics from National University,Dhaka,Bangladesh.

    I am in need of a Predictive Analytics Software free of charge.Please help me with one.Your name and address will be mentioned as Donor.

    Thanks and Best Regards/Sarwar Kamal