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In-Reach Presentation Slides Available

1 May 2013 No Comment

As part of its continuing efforts to keep members informed about the activities of the American Statistical Association, a set of informational slides was developed on the following eight topics:

  • Accreditation
  • ASA Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice
  • Continuing Education
  • Conference on Statistical Practice
  • Significance Magazine and Website
  • STATtr@k
  • The ASA as Advocate
  • Volunteering in the ASA

There is even a set of slides to help you understand how to use the slides!

The slides have been developed and tested to be used “out of the box.” That is, the slides also include notes so users can give a brief presentation on the topic without having much background on it. If one wants to know more, the slides contain a website that will provide additional details.

To download the slides, log in to ASA Members Only, click on the “My Volunteer Activities” tab, and then click on “Informational Slides About the ASA.”

The slides were developed by the 2012 “In-Reach” Workgroup, chaired by Jeri Mulrow. This work was one of the initiatives of 2012 President Bob Rodriguez. We hope you will use these slides to communicate to your local chapter, at a section gathering, in your workplace, etc., to spread the word about how the ASA promotes the practice and profession of statistics. As you use them, please send us feedback so we can make them better, and let us know what additional topics you would like to see.

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