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1 April 2014 No Comment
James G. Wendelberger, SPES JSM Program Chair; William Li, SPES JSM Program Chair-elect; Bryan Smucker, SPES Education Chair; and Winson Taam, Past SPES Chair

    The SPES program for JSM is coming together with four invited sessions (three allotted and one by program committee vote), three topic-contributed sessions, 35 contributed papers, seven contributed posters, and four contributed SPEED posters.

    Four SPES roundtable sessions also are planned. Roundtables provide a unique opportunity to have discussions among a small group of participants (no more than 10 people) and a discussion leader. The ASA Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences will sponsor the following four roundtables in Boston:

    • Handling Missing Data in Repeated Measures, led by Vaneeta Kaur Grover of DuPont—This roundtable will discuss missing data mechanisms and statistical methods for dealing with different mechanisms during analysis.
    • What’s It Like to Be a Statistician in the Physical and Engineering Sciences? led by Tena I. Katsaounis of The Ohio State University—Join this roundtable to learn and generate ideas about SPES activities and programs.
    • The Continuing Impact of Spatiotemporal Statistics, led by Alexander Kolovos of SpaceTimeWorks, LLC—This roundtable intends to sketch the future global potential of space-time statistics in light of recent changes in data gathering, analytical technologies, and shifting research directions.
    • Big Data Analysis: Concepts, Methods, and Computation, led by Sijian Wang of the University of Wisconsin—This roundtable will focus on recently developed models and methods to deal with challenges associated with data sets of massive size and dimensionality.

    SPES has scholarships available for students to attend one of these SPES-sponsored roundtables. To apply, contact William Li at wli@umn.edu by May 1.

    The following two section-sponsored continuing education short courses also have been selected for JSM 2014 in Boston:

    • Modern Design of Factorial Experiments, taught by Peter Goos and Bradley Jones
    • The Design and Analysis of Experiments That Use Computer Simulators, taught by Thomas Santner and Brian Williams

    Additionally, JSM 2014 will have a well-represented selection of member works. For example, invited session titles include the following:

    • Statistical Design and Modeling for Experiments with Functional Data
    • Approaches to Solving Challenges in Industrial Applications
    • Frontiers of Computer Experiments: Big Data, Calibration, and Validation
    • Statistical Analysis of Kepler Data at SAMSI (Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute)

    Also, don’t forget to attend the popular SPES mixer and snag a door prize!

    2014 Joint Research Conference

    The ASA Q&P Section’s Quality and Productivity Research Conference will combine with the ASA SPES Section’s Spring Research Conference to create the Joint Research Conference (JRC) with the theme “Statistics and Quality in a Data Rich World.” The 2014 JRC will be held in Seattle, Washington, from June 24–26 at the University of Washington. For a small additional registration fee, a short course, “Bayesian Statistical Process Control” by Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis, will be offered before the conference on June 23. The goal of the conference is to stimulate interdisciplinary research among statisticians, scientists, and engineers in quality and productivity, industrial needs, and the physical and engineering sciences. Statistical issues and research approaches drawn from collaborative research will be highlighted. 

    The conference will honor Douglas Hawkins from the University of Minnesota. Conference registration includes a tour of and reception at the Future of Flight Aviation Center and a tour of Boeing’s Commercial Jet Assembly Plant in Everett, Washington (the world’s largest building).

    For more information, contact either Robert Gramacy at rbgramacy@chicagobooth.edu or Christina Mastrangelo at mastr@u.washington.edu.

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