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Statistical Education Section Has Productive JSM

1 October 2014 No Comment
Reported by Jennifer Kaplan

    The Statistical Education Section had a productive JSM 2014 under program chair Ming-Wen An. The section sponsored or cosponsored six invited panels/sessions, seven topic-contributed panels/sessions, eight contributed paper sessions, one poster session, and 13 roundtables.

    Section members James Cochran (University of Alabama), Christine Franklin (University of Georgia), and Sastry Pantula (Oregon State University) were honored with the ASA Founders Award. In addition, three section members were announced as new ASA Fellows: Martha M. Gardner (General Electric), Leslie M. Moore (Los Alamos National Laboratory), and Tian Zheng (Columbia University). Winners of other education awards include the following:

    • Andrew Zieffler (University of Minnesota), Waller Education Award
    • Robin Lock (St. Lawrence University), Waller Distinguished Teaching Career Award
    • Nick Horton (Amherst College), National Mu Sigma Rho’s 2014 William D. Warde Statistical Education Award
    • Allan Rossman (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo), Ron Wasserstein Best Contributed Paper Award for his presentation at JSM 2013, “Introducing Statistical Inference with Resampling Methods (Part 1)”
    • Jenny Green (Montana State University) and Erin Blankenship (University of Nebraska), Jacqueline Dietz Award for Best Journal of Statistics Education Paper for their November 2013 paper, “Primarily Statistics: Developing an Introductory Statistics Course for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers”

    Section members have also recently won honors announced outside of JSM. At the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings, the SIGMAA on Statistics Education announced that Johanna Hardin (Pomona College) was the winner of the Robert V. Hogg Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics.

    Winners of the spring 2014 election for the section are Chair-elect Nicholas Horton (Amherst College), Council of Sections Representative Jackie Miller (University of Michigan), and Executive Committee at Large members Tena Katsaounis (The Ohio State University – Mansfield) and Michael Posner (Villanova University). Erin Blankenship will chair the section’s 2015 JSM Program. Also, section member Jessica Utts (University of California at Irvine) was elected ASA president for 2015.

    Two announcements of note were made at the business meeting during JSM. First, the editorial board of the Journal of Statistics Education (JSE) is considering moving the journal into the Taylor & Francis portal with the other ASA journals. JSE would retain its open access and authors would not incur publication fees as a result of the move. Also, the ASA would be responsible for moving the JSE archives into the Taylor & Francis system. If anyone has comments about the potential move, please contact the current JSE editor, Michelle Everson, at everson.50@osu.edu.

    Second, the ASA has a current initiative to start student chapters of the ASA. Anyone interested in starting a student chapter on their campus is encouraged to contact Rick Peterson at peterson@amstat.org for details.

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