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Time to Submit JSM 2015 Abstracts

1 December 2014 No Comment
Edited by Feifei Wei, Biometrics Section Publications Officer

Abstract submissions for contributed and topic-contributed papers will be accepted online until February 2, 2015.

Topic-contributed sessions are a nice alternative to contributed sessions because they are organized around a central topic, the talks are longer (20 minutes), and discussants are allowed. Sessions typically consist of five participants (e.g., four speakers and one discussant or three speakers and two discussants). Those interested in organizing a topic-contributed session should notify the 2015 JSM Biometrics Section generic ativan chair, Rebecca Hubbard, at hubbard.r@ghc.org and submit a proposal online by January 15, 2015. See the JSM website for information about organizing and submitting an abstract for a topic-contributed session.

Also consider proposing a topic-contributed panel session. Panel sessions have 3–6 panelists and one abstract for all speakers. Note that if each speaker wishes to provide an abstract, speak on a specific topic, and submit an individual paper to JSM Proceedings, the session should be a paper session.

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