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Biometrics Section in Search of Volunteers and Career Development Proposals

1 February 2015 No Comment
Edited by Sheng Luo, Biometrics Section Publications Officer

    Want to get more involved with JSM? Consider volunteering to chair a session. Chairing a session is an important responsibility and a great way to meet your colleagues. If you are interested, contact our section’s 2015 program chair, Rebecca Hubbard, at rhubb@upenn.edu.

    The ASA Biometrics Section invites applications for funding to support career-development efforts for assistant professors or associate/full professors interested in moving into a new research area. The section is particularly interested in applications that will result in a benefit to the broader research community. For example, funding could support attendance at a workshop to receive additional training in an applied research area that is typically underserved by biostatisticians and could benefit from more rigorous research methods through biostatistical support and expertise.

    The section also will accept applications from individuals interested in receiving additional training or individuals or groups interested in recruiting biostatisticians for training in a specific, underserved research area.

    The section anticipates funding up to two proposals, with total funding of up to $5,000 per proposal, to be spent within the next 1.5 years. Applicants must be both an ASA member and Biometrics Section member at the time of submission.

    A one-page application, due February 15, should be in the following format:

    • Summary of Request
    • Significance and/or Rationale
    • Budget

    Expenditures are restricted to domestic travel and cost of meeting attendance. A funding period with a start date no earlier than March 1 and an end date no later than August 31, 2016, also should be specified.

    Applications should be submitted to Biometrics Section Past Chair Mike Daniels at jdaniels@austin.utexas.edu. Questions also should be addressed to Daniels. Recipients will be expected to submit a brief report within one month of the conclusion of the project.

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