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Statistics-Centric Sessions Highlight AAAS Annual Meeting

1 December 2015 No Comment

The 2016 AAAS Annual Meeting—to be held February 11–15 in Washington, DC—will include seven sessions submitted by the Statistics Section (aka Section U), along with other statistics-centric sessions. The large number represents the ongoing, concerted effort of Section U and the broader statistical community (e.g., Marie Davidian’s 2013 ASA Presidential Initiative) to raise the profile of statistics within AAAS—the largest, broadest scientific professional association. 

Current Section U Chair and 2006 ASA President Sallie Keller said of this year’s statistics sessions: “This year’s Section U program offers a diverse set of sessions, strongly aligned with the AAAS theme of Global Science Engagement. Beyond the sessions highlighted on Steve Pierson’s blog, the overall program is very rich, with something of  interest to all statisticians. I hope everyone will consider attending.”

The Section U business meeting will take place from 10 a.m. to noon February 13. 

For details, visit the AAAS Annual Meeting website or the ASA’s Science Policy blog.

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