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ASA Welcomes Slate of New Editors

1 April 2016 No Comment

The ASA welcomes the following incoming editors:

JASA Applications and Case Studies and Coordinating Editor: Montserrat Fuentes, North Carolina State University

Fuentes completed her editorship of the Journal of Agricultural and Biological Statistics at the end of 2015 and transitioned immediately to editor of JASA Applications and Case Studies and coordinating editor. She earned her PhD in 1998 from The University of Chicago and has been on the North Carolina State University faculty since then. Fuentes possesses a strong research record, including more than 70 refereed journal articles. Her research work is focused on statistical methods for environmental data.

Fuentes’ term is from 2016–2018, and she takes over for outgoing editor, Joseph Ibrahim of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Search Committee: Hal Stern (chair), Sudipto Banerjee, David Banks, Marina Vannucci

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics Co-Editors: Todd Clark, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and Rajeev Dehejia, New York University

Clark earned his PhD in economics from the University of Michigan and is currently vice president of macroeconomic policy at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. He has made important methodological and empirical contributions in forecasting and macroeconomics and published extensively in econometrics, statistics, and economics journals. Clark’s work at the Federal Reserve makes him especially well suited to judge the importance of empirical papers in macroeconomics and finance as an associate editor.

Dehejia is professor at the Wagner School of Public Service of New York University. He is a prominent researcher in empirical microeconomics, development economics, and statistical methods for causal inference and program evaluation, including propensity score analysis. He has published extensively in econometrics, statistics, and economics journals and has served as an associate editor for the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics since 2010. He is also a former associate editor for the Journal of the American Statistical Association and former co-editor of the Journal of Human Resources.

Clark and Dehejia will serve as co-editors from 2016–2018, taking over from Rong Chen of Rutgers University and Shakeeb Khan of Duke University.

Search Committee: Keisuke Hirano and Jonathan Wright (co-chairs), Elie Tamer, Mark Watson, and Jeff Wooldridge

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics: Dianne Cook, Monash University

Cook holds a PhD from Rutgers University and is a fellow of the American Statistical Association. Her research is in data visualization, exploratory data analysis, multivariate methods, data mining, and statistical computing, resulting in more than 50 journal articles and book chapters, a book on interactive graphics, and numerous open-source software products, including xgobi, ggobi, cranvas, tourr, tourGui, GGally, and nullabor. Cook has developed new methods for visualizing high-dimensional data using tours, with projection pursuit guidance and manual control, pipelines for interactive graphics, and a grammar of graphics for biological data. Her most recent work focuses on bridging the gap between statistical inference and exploratory graphics. She plans to enhance the reproducibility of the methods in articles published in JCGS.

Cook’s term is from 2016–2018, taking over for Thomas Lee of the University of California at Davis.

JCGS Management Committee: Susan Holmes (chair), Roy Welsch, George Michailidis, Hadley Wickham, and Berwin Turlach

Technometrics: Dan Apley, Northwestern University

Apley is familiar with Technometrics, having served two terms as an associate editor. His research record demonstrates in-depth knowledge of areas that are high on the journal’s agenda and includes publications on statistical process control with complex data structures, engineering statistics, Gaussian process modeling, and applications involving Big Data. All are areas in which Technometrics has established a strong presence, and members of the management committee view Big Data as an area that holds great potential for the journal.

Apley will continue to promote areas that are established strengths of Technometrics while pointing to directions under the general heading of “analytics” that can serve as springboards to emerging and exciting directions in statistical research and application. He also noted the expanding role of service organizations in industry and the importance to them of analytics.

Apley will serve as editor-elect for 2016, and his term will be from 2017–2019, taking over for Peihua Qiu of the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Technometrics Management Committee: David Steinberg (chair), Connie M. Borror, Ronald Does, Doug Montgomery, Robert Mee, Dean Neubauer, and Scott A. Vander Wiel

Journal of Statistics Education: Soma Roy, California Polytechnic State University

Roy holds a PhD in statistics from The Ohio State University and has been involved with JSE—first as a referee, and then as associate editor and editor of data sets and stories—since 2008. She has a great deal of relevant teaching experience and the support of colleagues who understand and appreciate the journal. These connections are vital to the success and continued growth of JSE. Roy presented the search committee with a number of ideas in her vision for JSE, including ideas for new columns and sections and topics for special issues.

Roy’s term will be from 2016–2018, taking over for Michelle Everson of The Ohio State University.

JSE Search Committee: John Gabrosek (chair), Jackie Dietz, Bob Stephenson, and Chris Franklin

Journal of Nonparametric Statistics: Jun Shao, University of Wisconsin

Shao has a PhD in statistics from the University of Wisconsin and brings an array of academic and industry experience to JNPS. He is a fellow of the ASA and Institute of Mathematical Statistics and served as president of the International Chinese Statistical Association in 2007. His editorial experience includes a term as co-editor for the Journal of System Science and Complexity, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, and Sankhya and associate editor of the Journal of the American Statistical Association and Statistica Sinica.

Shao’s term is from 2016–2018, and he takes over for Irene Gijbels.

JNPS Search Committee: Suojin Wang (chair), Ian McKeague, Alan Welsh, and Lijian Yang

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: Niall Adams, Imperial College, London

Adams has extensive experience in statistical data mining as both an academic researcher and a practitioner. His awards have been both as an individual (Winton Research Prize, 2011; Rector’s Award for Excellence in Research Student Supervision, 2012) and as part of a team (“The Engineer” Technology and Innovation Award, Aerospace and Defense category, 2009, as a co-leader; Credit Collections and Risk, Contributions to the Credit Industry, 2012, as a team member). He has served on the editorial panels for Applied Statistics and Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C (2008–2012) and the editorial board for Statistical Analysis and Data Mining (2009–2014).

Adams’ term will run from 2016–2018, taking over for David Madigan.

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Search Committee: Joe Verducci (chair), Xiaotong Shen, and Cynthia Rudin

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification: Dave Higdon, Virginia Tech University

Higdon is a dominant figure in the development and application of complex models and advancing the area of uncertainty quantification (UQ). His publication record is extensive; he co-chaired the influential National Research Council report on UQ in 2012.

He also played an important role in the establishment of the Journal on Uncertainty Qualification (JUQ) and currently serves as an associate editor. Higdon has worked extensively with applied mathematicians and other scientists, especially during his tenure at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His statistical expertise and stature is of the highest, an important consideration in the role of editor-in-chief at JUQ. His new position at Virginia Tech offers the potential for widening JUQ’s scope to include complex social science models.

JUQ Search Committee: Jerome Sacks (chair), James Berger, and Max Morris

Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology: Roderick Little, University of Michigan

Little has extensive editorial experience, including serving as coordinating and applications editor for the Journal of the American Statistical Association from 1992–1994, associate editor for the Applications and Theory and Methods sections of JASA, and associate editor for Biometrics. He also has served as co-chair of the advisory committee of JSSAM since the journal’s inception (until stepping down recently because of the editorial search).

Little also has an extensive background and understanding of the field. He was a statistician at the World Fertility Survey from 1976–1980 and served as the inaugural associate director for research and methodology and chief scientist at the U.S. Census Bureau. While his primary position at Michigan is in biostatistics, he is also a research professor in the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research and has published extensively on survey research topics.

JSSAM Search Committee: Michael Link (chair), Rachel Caspar, J.K.N. Rao, Peter Miller, and Mary Thompson

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