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ASA Extends Outreach to School Counselors at ASCA Event

1 October 2016 No Comment

ASA members Christine Franklin and Leann Myers recently represented the ASA at the conference of the American School Counselors Association in New Orleans. As part of This Is Statistics (TiS)—the ASA’s public relations campaign to make students aware of the many reasons to take statistics—Franklin and Myers spoke to conference attendees coming by the ASA booth in the exhibit hall. Franklin also presented in a special session titled “Careers Your Students Need to Know About.”





This is the ASA’s first time exhibiting at the ASCA conference, but the ASA plans to make it an annual activity based on the strong endorsement by both Franklin and Myers to do so.

“Exhibiting at this conference brought an awareness to counselors about the importance of statistics at the school level that was not necessarily on their radar,” said Franklin.

Myers noted many counselors took materials from the booth to share with teachers who were teaching statistics in their schools.

Presenting at a career fair? Keep in mind these ASA resources:

ASA education website. See resources for students and educators.
This Is Statistics. See resources under Educators and Counselors tabs.
Statistical Significance series.

This year’s conference attracted a record 2,835 attendees, a record.

The most popular items at the both were the flyer listing scores of majors requiring statistics and the TiS stickers. Franklin and Myers also reported the National Center for Health Statistics poster that reads “I want to be a statistician just like my mom” was effective.

Myers is professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Franklin is retired from the University of Georgia and the ASA’s inaugural K–12 Statistical Ambassador.

The ASA also exhibits regularly at the annual conference of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the USA Science and Engineering Festival.

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