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Committee for Funded Research Calls for Grant Review Panel Volunteers

1 February 2018 2,641 views 2 Comments

In response to a request from leadership of the National Institutes for Health (NIH) Center for Scientific Review (CSR), the ASA Committee for Funded Research (CFR) is urging the statistical community to volunteer to serve on NIH study sections. Upon original publication of this article, the ASA provided a sign-up form but as of May 2018 interested statisticians are urged to use an NIH form.

Further Reading

Read the 2015 Amstat News article, “Funding Opportunities: Better Statistical Participation Is Needed Across Collaborative Science,” written by members of the CFR.

Also read Statistical Issues Seen in Non-Statistics Proposals, written by the CFR to help nonstatisticians improve their funding proposals.

“We consistently hear from NIH officials about their desire to have more statisticians on study sections and the challenges in identifying qualified statisticians, most recently by CSR Director Richard Nakamura during his presentation at JSM,” said CFR Chair Ming-Wen An. “We’re honored to be asked to help NIH study section officers better connect with the statistical community and are convinced better science will result.”

To help first-time panelists, the committee created a guidance document, “Serving Effectively on Funding Review Panels: Advice for Statisticians New to the Process.”

“Just as it is important to have more statisticians with subject-area expertise on study sections, it’s critical the statisticians are seen as vital and constructive study section members,” said committee vice-chair Sujit Ghosh. “We hope new panelists and potential panelists will benefit from this document and the experience of their colleagues.”

The guidance document, which benefitted greatly from input from those on the ASA Community, has the following seven sections:

  1. Why serve on a panel?
  2. How to be selected for a panel
  3. How to prepare in advance for serving on a panel
  4. I’ve been asked to serve on a panel, now what?
  5. Points to consider when reviewing the grant
  6. Points to consider when writing your critique
  7. Points to consider during the discussion

The committee asks readers to share both the call and document with colleagues and urges the statistical community to volunteer to serve on National Science Foundation proposal funding panels using the guidance provided.

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  • Nagaraj Neerchal said:

    Statistical modeling of correlated data, statistical computing, high performance computing in statistics

  • Xiaofei Wang said:

    I have extensive experience in conducting method and collaborative research in design and analysis of clinical trials and am happy to serve on some review panels. My research has been consistently founded by NIH grants.