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1 March 2018 No Comment
Invited Speakers for the Two-Day Risk Analysis Symposium
Ed Melnick – Professor of Statistics and Deputy Chair of the Department of Information, Operations, and Management Science, NYU Stern School of Business
Richard Smith – Mark L. Reed III Distinguished Professor, UNC – Chapel Hill
Dale Hall – Managing Director of Research, Society of Actuaries
John Wambaugh – Project Lead for Rapid Exposure and Dosimetry Project, ExpoCast US EPA
Clarice Weinburg – Deputy Branch Chief, Biostatistics and Computational Biology Branch, NIEHS
David Banks – Professor of the Practice of Statistics, Duke University
Iliyan Iliev – Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, University of Southern Mississippi

The 21st century has seen a revolution in big data analytics. Though there have been methodological advances analyzing these rich data sets, risk assessment science has often lagged behind.

To bring together the top minds within statistics and risk analysis communities and to cross pollinate ideas between practitioners in different areas, the Risk Analysis Section is having a symposium in the department of analytics at North Carolina State University May 10–11.

At this two-day symposium, participants will be challenged by leaders on topics such as toxic/environmental, economic, terrorism/defense, climate, and genetic disease risk. These speakers will present current challenges and stimulate discussion among participants. Additionally, focused breakout sessions will allow collaboration with other scientists.

To promote interest in risk analysis, student discounts will be given and a contributed poster session will allow all researchers to present their work while discussing challenges. Though this conference focuses on risk analysis, it should be of interest to any quantitative-minded researcher interested in big data analytics.

Registration is open.

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