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Workshop on Simulation and Statistics Planned for September

1 May 2019 No Comment

Salzburg, Austria
Photo Courtesy of Tourismus Salzburg

The 10th International Workshop on Simulation and Statistics (SimStat 2019) will take place September 2–6 at the University of Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria—the city of Mozart and Sound of Music.

Plenary lectures will be given by Edgar Brunner, Holger Dette, Regina Liu, Christian Robert, and Gerd Antes. Confirmed session topics include experimental design, data science and statistical learning, methods for multivariate and high-dimensional data, functional data, survival analysis, nonparametric statistics, algebraic methods in computational biology, statistics in forensics, neurology, and evidence-based medicine.

Session proposals are being accepted. Additionally, there will be a dedicated student poster session, and the ASA is cosponsoring students by picking up their registration fee. Students should register, submit an abstract, and make a note on the submission that they are students (PhD students welcome) and would like to participate in the competition for an ASA sponsorship.

For more information, visit the SimStat 2019 website.

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