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Statistical Consulting Section Offers Help with Fellow Applications

1 May 2020 No Comment

Achieving the distinction of ASA Fellow is a prestigious accomplishment for a statistical scientist. However, it is not an easy milestone to achieve. Only 30 percent of applicants are awarded fellowship on their first nomination. Members of the awarding committee consider whether excellence in at least two of the following five areas has been demonstrated:

  • Service to the ASA
  • Research
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Administration of a database

There is a misperception that there is only a purely methodological pathway to earning ASA fellowship. However, there are multiple pathways to demonstrating leadership in the field of statistical science. Importantly, strength in consulting is recognized by the awarding committee.

The ASA Section on Statistical Consulting (CNSL) has assembled a subcommittee to help guide CNSL members through the application process to becoming an ASA Fellow, with a focus on highlighting contributions of the practice.

The field of statistics is diverse, and the ASA recognizes and supports this diversity in career pathways. While some go into academia to conduct research and train the next generation of academic statisticians, others develop careers in industry. Even within each of these two large umbrellas, much variation exists. One often thinks of two distinct career paths—that of the theoretical statistician and that of the applied—but it is much more nuanced.

While CNSL is home for the applied statistician, CNSL embraces all the diversity that comes with what it means to be an applied statistician. Importantly, CNSL recognizes the intellectual contributions of its section members.

Excellence in consulting can be exemplified by qualities including the following:

  • Contributions to the medical research community in the field of statistics
  • Outstanding mentoring of women and junior researchers
  • Service to and exceptional leadership in the ASA
  • Excellent and sustained research and collaboration involving the statistical analysis of massive data sets
  • Outstanding service to the mathematical sciences community

If you or one of your colleagues embodies these qualities, CNSL is here to offer advice in procuring a nominator and finding letter writers. Contact Mary Kwasny to learn more.

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