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Statistics Calculator a Resource for Students

1 June 2020 No Comment

A free statistics calculator by Datatab allows users to copy and paste data, calculate new values, define scale of measurements, and select statistical methods. Additionally, all algorithms are executed directly in the web browser, so no connection to the server is necessary.

Datatab developed the calculator to be easy to use and make statistical data analysis as easy and readily available as possible.

Starting from basic descriptive statistics to advanced multivariate analysis, Datatab provides a range of available statistical methods: t-tests; ANOVAs; correlation and regression; nonparametric tests; factor analysis; and cluster analysis.

The calculator comes with tutorials for subjects ranging from level of measurements and frequency tables to hypothesis testing and regression models.

Datatab does offer a premium package for a cost that provides extended features such as saving and loading data, exporting results, recoding, forming indexes, and editing figures. It also includes an automatic statistical and content-related interpretation of results.

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