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New Book in ASA-CRC Series Debunks Seven Terrorism Myths

1 August 2020 No Comment
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The ASA-CRC series contains short books covering the use of statistics in wide-ranging aspects of professional and everyday life, including the media, science, health, society, politics, law, education, sports, finance, climate, and national security. The books present concepts assuming minimal mathematical background and can be read by a broad audience.

For details about the aims and scope of the series and to get in touch with the editors, visit the ASA-CRC website.

The ninth book to be published in the ASA-CRC Series on Statistical Reasoning in Science and Society is Debunking Seven Terrorism Myths Using Statistics by Andre Python.

What is terrorism? What can terrorism data show us? This book translates the knowledge on global patterns of terrorism for the general public and introduces statistical reasoning tools to critically analyze terrorism data within a rigorous framework. It also does the following:

  • Uses statistical reasoning to identify and address seven major misconceptions about terrorism
  • Discusses the implications of major issues about terrorism data on the interpretation of its statistical analysis
  • Gradually introduces the complexity of statistical methods to familiarize the nonstatistician reader with important statistical concepts to analyze data
  • Uses illustrated examples to help the reader develop a critical approach applied to the quantitative analysis of terrorism data
  • Includes chapters focusing on major aspects of terrorism: definitional issues; lethality; geography; temporal and spatial patterns; and the predictive ability of models
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