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Nominate a Colleague for ASA Leadership Position

1 December 2020 No Comment

Nominations are being sought for ASA president-elect and vice president candidates for the 2022 election. While the 2021 elections have yet to be held, the Committee on Nominations needs time to evaluate recommendations to propose the best possible slate of candidates for these critical positions.

As a member of the ASA, you recognize the importance of leadership in our diverse, complex, and multidisciplinary field. You and all fellow ASA members deserve visionary leaders who can ensure our discipline has a voice at the table when appropriate, whether it be in academe; research firms; federal, state, or local government; or nonprofit organizations. This is why we need your input.

For this election cycle, the president-elect will be selected from industry and the vice president will be selected from government. Think about your colleagues and associates who are members of the ASA and would make good candidates for these positions. Think about members who have helped run a conference or are active in your section or chapter. Then, nominate your choices for the 2023 president-elect and vice president by emailing elections@amstat.org.

Supply as much information about your nominee as possible to assist the committee in researching each candidate thoroughly and discretely.

The deadline for nominations is February 1, 2021.

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