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SIE Presents Breslow, Four Young Investigator Awards

1 March 2021 No Comment

The Section on Statistics in Epidemiology (SIE) grants annual young investigator awards to new researchers for the best papers in statistics in epidemiology presented at JSM. Among the Young Investigator Award winners, the Breslow Award further recognizes the top paper.

SIE presents the 2021 Young Investigator Award to the following individuals:

  • Runzhe Wan, North Carolina State University (Breslow Award Winner)
  • Eric Cohn, Harvard University
  • Wei Hao, University of Michigan
  • Raphael Morsomme, Duke University
  • Lili Wu, North Carolina State University

An awards ceremony will be held at this year’s JSM in Seattle. The location and time of the ceremony will be announced on the section’s website and in the JSM program.

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