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Call for Proposals: New Program Focuses on Methodologies, Tools, Infrastructure for Internet Measurements

1 January 2022 No Comment

The Internet Measurement Research (IMR) program, headed by the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering in partnership with the Directorate of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, is a new focused program to support methodologies, tools, and research infrastructure for internet measurements.

The scope, complexity, and means of accessing the internet have changed dramatically throughout its existence. Methods, data collection, and data sharing for internet measurement have not kept up with the importance and proliferation of wireless and fixed broadband access networks. This leaves important aspects of the access network in many geographic regions undermeasured.

With widespread use of cellular phones to access the internet, more accurate and/or additional ways to measure and assess performance, connectivity, network topology, and service gaps have become necessary. The goal of the IMR program is to encourage, coordinate, and connect research in internet measurement in a comprehensive manner. Such research is essential to assess the health of the internet more comprehensively, improve network technologies and systems, and develop new methods of networking.

Proposal Deadline Dates

  • February 15 for Track 1 (Methodologies and Methods [MM])
  • March 8 for Track 2 (Measurement Tool Development and Demonstration [MT])
  • March 22 for Track 3 (Internet Measurement Related Infrastructure-Planning [RI-P])

Learn more about this program solicitation and its three tracks, as well as the instructions for proposal preparation and submission.

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