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[1 May 2023 | No Comment | 286 views]

COPSS recognized Kosorok’s foundational, creative, and original contributions to mathematical statistics; methodological developments in empirical processes and machine learning; advancement of precision health; and mentoring.

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[1 May 2023 | No Comment | 247 views]

Statistical practitioners and data scientists learned new statistical methodologies and best practices in statistical analysis, design, consulting, and programming to help solve real-world problems.

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[1 May 2023 | No Comment | 319 views]

COPSS has selected Bandeen-Roche as the 2023 winner of the F. N. David Award. She has been a tireless leader in the promotion of biostatistical thinking in the field of aging.

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[1 May 2023 | No Comment | 480 views]

The Distinguished Achievement Award and Lectureship recognizes meritorious achievement and scholarship in statistical science and the significant impact of statistical methods on scientific investigations.

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[1 May 2023 | No Comment | 460 views]

AIPM 2023 is for statisticians, data scientists, regulators, and other professionals to address the challenges and opportunities of AI in pharmaceutical medicine; foster collaboration among industry, academia, regulatory agencies, and professional associations; and propose recommendations for proper implementation of AI in promoting public health.

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[1 May 2023 | No Comment | 647 views]

The program brings together historically underrepresented minority statisticians/data scientists at early- to mid-career levels with senior-level statisticians/data scientists and features one-on-one mentoring and professional development.

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[1 May 2023 | No Comment | 531 views]

Sign up as a volunteer monitor to help with short courses and you can attend one for free. Monitors help courses run smoothly and, in turn, get to follow along with course content and meet the instructor and attendees.

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[1 May 2023 | No Comment | 616 views]

The Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies selected these eight Leadership Academy winners. All awards will be presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings.

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[1 Apr 2023 | No Comment | 550 views]
ICHPS 2023 Offers Opportunity for Professional Growth, Innovative Thinking

The International Conference on Health Policy Statistics was held January 9–11 in Scottsdale, Arizona, bringing together practitioners, methodologists, health service researchers, health economists, and policy analysts.

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[1 Mar 2023 | No Comment | 215 views]

Two invited session slots have been set aside for late-breaking topics, and any member of one of the Joint Statistical Meetings sponsoring organizations or partnering societies can propose such a session. Submissions are due April 17.