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[1 Oct 2021 | Comments Off on 2021 SPAIG Award Honors Two Collaborations | ]

The first award presented honors the collaboration between Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Duke University, International Drug Development Institute, and multiple other institutions representing academe, government, and industry that contributed to the Intermediate Clinical Endpoints of Prostate Cancer (ICECaP) initiative. The second recognizes the joint collaboration on the COVIDcast project between eight partners, spanning all three sectors and spearheaded by the Delphi research group at Carnegie Mellon University.

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[1 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on Kimberly F. Sellers | ]

Inspired to study statistics while earning her undergraduate degree, Kimberly Sellers has gone on to be recognized both nationally and internationally for her work on generalized statistical methods involving count data that contain data dispersion and image analysis techniques. She is also actively committed to diversifying the fields of mathematical and statistical sciences, both with respect to gender and race/ethnicity.

A Statistician's Life, Celebrating Women in Statistics »

[1 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on Rebecca Doerge | ]

As a first-generation student, Doerge studied theoretical mathematics at the University of Utah. There, she gained an interest in both computing and human genetics. Now dean of the Mellon College of Science at Carnegie Mellon University, she has earned mentoring awards and was elected Fellow of the AAAS and ASA in 2007.

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[1 Oct 2016 | Comments Off on Conference Links Statisticians, Data Analysts, Astronomers | ]

Carnegie Mellon University hosted more than 120 researchers in June for Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy VI, bringing together experts in statistical methods and machine learning with astronomers and cosmologists to discuss pressing inference problems facing this data-rich field.

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[1 Sep 2012 | Comments Off on Stephen Fienberg: Applying Statistics to Make a Difference | ]

Stephen Fienberg is a professor, researcher, writer, and editor. He has taken different roles throughout his decades-long statistics career, but his focus remains on developing methodologies for statisticians to use in other fields of study.

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[1 Aug 2012 | Comments Off on Maintaining Quality in the Face of Rapid Program Expansion | ]

Rebecca Nugent from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) discusses how, in the last five years, CMU redesigned their curriculum to satisfy the influx of undergraduate statistics and economic-statistics majors.