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[1 Jun 2023 | Comments Off on CHANCE Introduces Features, Explores Deming’s 14 Points | ]

The current issue features book reviews, two new columns, and an article revisiting Deming’s framework on management. Learn more about CHANCE‘s Generative Art Contest, as well.

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[1 Apr 2022 | Comments Off on CHANCE Highlights: April Issue Features Gerrymandering, COVID-19, and the ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’ | ]

CHANCE magazine discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, the “gambler’s fallacy,” and fixes for gerrymandering, as well as the death of Alan Paller, the original editor of the Visual Revelations column.

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[1 May 2021 | Comments Off on CHANCE Highlights: Spring Issue Features Economic Impact of COVID-19, Kullback’s Career, Sharing Data | ]

The spring issue of CHANCE looks at the economic impact of COVID-19 in the UK, the US intelligence career of Solomon Kullback, and bias in shared data.

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[1 Feb 2021 | Comments Off on CHANCE Highlights: Issue Looks at Black History Month, Slot Machines, and Crowd Funding | ]

The February issue of CHANCE includes an interview with Emery Brown, as well as articles on crowd-funding, slot machines, statistics education, and misattribution.

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[1 May 2020 | Comments Off on Stylometry, Machine Learning Feature in Latest Issue of CHANCE | ]

In the latest issue of CHANCE, David Holmes—a guest editor of the stylometry special issue—and Ferris Samara—a George Mason University OSCAR scholarship recipient—take a fresh look at the writings of Davy Crockett using the latest advances in stylometry.

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[1 May 2019 | Comments Off on Can a Statistical Concept Help Solve Political Gridlock? | ]

Here are the highlights for the latest issue of CHANCE magazine.