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[1 Dec 2023 | One Comment | ]

Andreas Georgiou asked the Greek judiciary to reopen the 2017 criminal case that examined his role as head of the Hellenic Statistical Authority and found him guilty of “violation of duty.”

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[1 Aug 2023 | No Comment | ]

The Greek government withdrew its challenge of the European Court of Human Rights ruling in favor of Andreas Georgiou—statistician and former president of the Hellenic Statistical Authority—finding Greece violated his right to a fair trial on violation-of-duty charges.

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[2 Jan 2023 | One Comment | ]
A Statistician’s View: New Year Hopes for Andreas Georgiou as Court Decisions Loom

Interviewed recently for The Amherst Student, Georgiou said his legal troubles are “always a little bit tiring to the heart to think about.” But 2023 brings with it hope that justice, long denied, is still in reach.