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The Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute has two new programs for 2015–2016: the Challenges in Computational Neuroscience and Statistics and Applied Mathematics in Forensic Science. ASA members who join the programs will have the opportunity to collaborate with people in disciplines such as neurobiology, applied mathematics, and forensic science.

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Using the Classroom to Bring Big Data to Statistical Agencies

Big Data has the potential to fundamentally change the way federal statistics are produced and disseminated. If statistical agencies are to retain their unique role as the trusted source of statistics, they must reconsider the way data are being generated and used. Fortunately, statisticians are responding to this call to action.

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Meet Joseph Reilly, Administrator of NASS

Joseph T. Reilly of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service talks with Amstat News about his work with the NASS.

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ASA President Nathaniel Schenker details a number of activities ASA has created to strengthen the role of the profession in the areas of Big Data and data science, and outlines important steps ASA has taken in education and professional development.

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Nominations are being sought for ASA president-elect, vice president, and international representative candidates for the 2016 election year.