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2015 ASA President David Morganstein looks back on his year as president, and forward to several programs, initiatives, and other great opportunities coming up for members.

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A New Design for the 21st Century

The U.S. Census 2020 Operational Plan lays the foundation for the most modern and dynamic census in our nation’s history—and outlines how the bureau proposes to save taxpayers more than $5 billion.

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[1 Nov 2015 | 2 Comments | 481 views]

President David Morganstein talks to Dick De Veaux about STATS101 and what he and his committee are doing to create a kind of life raft for instructors that the ASA will offer to schools and universities.

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This is an open letter to the DMS community on its funding policies for the institutes.

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ASA Seeks Editor Nominations, Applications

The ASA is seeking editor nominations and applications for JASA, CHANCE, TAS and SBR.