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With a year having passed since the release of the ASA Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs in Statistical Science–and data science programs and courses burgeoning across the United States–Amstat News asked several educators about how they were changing their intro stats courses so students have “appropriate capacity to ‘think with data’.”

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ASA’s Development Program Sets Another Record

The ASA received more than $115,000 from ASA members and other individuals and approximately $26,500 in corporate matching gifts and other support for a total of nearly $142,000. Additionally, John Bartko gave more than $25,000 to establish the John J. Bartko Scholarship. Thank you!

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As part of the NSF Data Science Seminar Series, Michael I. Jordan—chair of the University of California, Berkeley Department of Statistics—made his case for why one should think of data science as the combination of computational and inferential thinking.

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ASA President Jessica Utts presents seven ideas for getting more value from your membership.

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[1 Feb 2016 | No Comment | 204 views]
Argentine Statistics Making Turnaround

Graciela Bevacqua was recently announced as the technical director for the Argentine National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC), the agency from which she was fired in 2007 under the previous government for defending the integrity of INDEC inflation data.