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The American Association for Public Opinion Research recently released a report from the Emerging Technologies Task Force on the use of mobile technologies—such as smartphones and tablets—for the collection of survey data and new forms of information such as location, visuals, and connected device data.

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Strengthening the Profession Through Chapter Involvement

In addition to supporting individual chapter-level activities and association-wide initiatives, the Council of Chapters is dedicated to making use of the Joint Statistical Meetings to strengthen chapters. Is your chapter representative going to the sponsored meetings?

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Here is a list of certain historical events that occurred during the month of June.

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The ASA will launch a campaign to elevate public and media awareness of statistical science and change the public’s perception of statisticians by educating them about the many ways they help solve policy, research, business, and other problems.

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Highlights of the April 2014 ASA Board of Directors Meeting

Learn about what the ASA Board of Directors accomplished during its April meeting.