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The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey recently celebrated 50 years of providing data to inform public health policy in the United States. The goal of the survey is to supplement self-reported household interview data with actual and precise clinical measurements to better assess health and nutritional status.

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David Dunson, winner of the 2010 COPSS Presidents’ Award, graciously agreed to respond to questions by Bhramar Mukherjee, COPSS secretary/treasurer.

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The August issue of The American Statistician opens with the Statistical Practice article, “Strategies for Pulling the Goalie in Hockey,” by David Beaudoin and Tim B. Swartz. The authors develop methodology to assess strategies for hockey teams to pull their goaltender. Does it pay to pull a goaltender when trailing in the game, and if so, when? Using data from the National Hockey League and Bayesian methods, the authors develop a simulator that allows them to compare strategies.

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The July issue of JSE includes 10 regular articles, two new Teaching Bits, and a rejoinder from Deb Rumsey to the letter from Michael Granaas in the March issue about whether to teach variance.

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World Statistics Day

In celebration of World Statistics Day, Amstat News asked staff from several federal statistical agencies to provide a list of their agency’s accomplishments, both recent and historical. Documented here is a rich history of providing statistical data that informs policymaking in the public and private sectors, resulting in economic development and smarter, more effective government. Also documented is a commitment to innovation and adaptation that has kept federal statistical products current and reliable.