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As most statisticians and survey methodologists know, social data collected under any circumstance can have problems associated with them. However, data on casualties caused by political violence or war are collected under some of the most trying circumstances. A two-day conference on casualty recording and estimation in times of conflict was held to establish methods and discussed each methods strengths and weaknesses.

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Highlights from the September 11, 2009, meeting of the Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics

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The December Amstat News staff spotlight is on Cheryl Behrens, the ASA’s registration coordinator.

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Volume 22, No. 3 of CHANCE magazine includes articles on a diverse set of topics.

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One trip overseas; two conference invitations; three presidential initiatives; four American Statistical Association Board meetings; eight president’s columns; nine days at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Washington, DC; about 10 visits to federal agencies; numerous letters signed regarding federal appointments, funding, and policy issues; 32 presidential address minutes; 57 new ASA Fellows; approximately 170 committee appointments; 6,804 attendees at JSM (a new record); and lessons learned too many to count. Just a few statistics to sum up a year as president of the American Statistical Association.