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As the result of a partnership between the ASA and Royal Statistical Society, every member of the ASA
will receive Significance in addition to Amstat News starting in September. The first joint issue will contain a mix of the important, the topical, the scientific, and, occasionally, the whimsical.

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Highlights from volume 3, issue 3 of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, which features three interrelated papers.

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The May 2010 issue of the Journal of Nonparametric Statistics features a discussion paper, “Identification and Estimation of Nonlinear Models Using Two Samples with Nonclassical Measurement Errors,” by Raymond Carroll, Xiaohong Chen, and Yingyao Hu. As the title indicates, this paper considers identification and estimation of a general nonlinear errors-in-variables model using two samples.

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Board Approves Accreditation Guidelines

The ASA Board of Directors recently approved a set of guidelines for accreditation developed by the ASA Accreditation Committee. The committee was formed last year, after the board endorsed a recommendation to begin a program of voluntary individual accreditation of statisticians.
What Is Accreditation? First and foremost, accreditation is a service offered only to members of the ASA. Not all members will want to seek accreditation; however, the experiences of colleagues in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom regarding accreditation have been encouraging.

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The National Academy of Sciences recently announced the election of new members and foreign associates, of which three are ASA members.