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Highlights of the December 4, 2009, meeting held at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Battelle Supports Education Program with $8,000

One of the goals of the American Statistical Association is to improve statistics education at all levels. Improving education is also a goal for Battelle. As a committed supporter of the ASA’s education programs, Battelle recently contributed $8,000 to the ASA in support of the ASA’s Educational Ambassadorship Program, which supports statistical education on an international scale.

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Representatives from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics will be available to discuss book projects at several conferences in the coming year.

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Members of the community from private organizations, government, or academia are invited to attend the 2010 International Methodology Symposium in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, from October 26–29.

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The February Amstat News staff spotlight is on Jojuana Wilkins, one of the ASA’s customer service representatives.