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[1 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Changes on Track for November Issue | 741 views]

Starting with the November issue, the online version of Amstat News will offer more detailed announcements and articles, while the printed version will contain shorter articles to accommodate a smaller, but full-color, magazine.

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[1 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on The American Statistician Call for Editor Nominations | 674 views]

The American Statistical Association invites nominations and applications for the position of editor of The American Statistician.

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[1 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Workgroup Offers Ideas for Growing Membership | 1,189 views]

What should the ASA do or offer to serve the world’s largest community of statisticians? The Membership Growth Workgroup advocates a multi-pronged approach to connecting with specific groups within the statistical community. The first set of recommendations and endorsements are aimed at young statisticians; the other sets are aimed at lapsed members, industry statisticians, and government statisticians.

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[1 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on ASA Tagline One Product of 2010 Public Awareness Workgroup | 1,101 views]

Capture the essence of the largest and arguably the most diverse statistical association in the world in eight words. That was one of the challenges presented to the 2010 Public Awareness Workgroup at JSM 2009. One year, three surveys, many meetings, hundreds of emails, and thousands of words later, the challenge was met.

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[1 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Fall Issue Focuses on Elections | 1,188 views]

Volume 23, Issue 3 of CHANCE includes articles about elections graphics, statistical election auditing, and epidemiology associated with election days.