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2009 Salary Survey of Business, Industry, and Government Statisticians

In 2009, the Biostatistics Consulting and Survey Center in the Department of Biostatistics at the Medical College of Georgia was contracted by the American Statistical Association to design and implement a survey of the association’s nonacademic members in the United States employed by business, industry, or government.

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Faculty members at research universities typically take sabbaticals by working on a research project at their institution or spending time at another university. An option not always considered is to spend part of the sabbatical at an industrial or government organization. Such arrangements do exist and can be successful.

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NISS to Work on Surveillance Project

The National Science Foundation and Defense Threat Reduction Agency awarded $664,019 to the National Institute of Statistical Sciences for collaborative research to develop Bayesian methods for syndromic surveillance.

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Statistics has the lowest percentage of degree recipients who are U.S. citizens, when compared to other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines at all degree levels. Why does this matter? The ASA’s research and graduate education manager, Keith Crank, tells us.

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The ASA staff member spotlighted in the October issue of Amstat News is Fay Gallagher, one of the ASA’s meetings planners.