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One trip overseas; two conference invitations; three presidential initiatives; four American Statistical Association Board meetings; eight president’s columns; nine days at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Washington, DC; about 10 visits to federal agencies; numerous letters signed regarding federal appointments, funding, and policy issues; 32 presidential address minutes; 57 new ASA Fellows; approximately 170 committee appointments; 6,804 attendees at JSM (a new record); and lessons learned too many to count. Just a few statistics to sum up a year as president of the American Statistical Association.

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Find an Internship

Every year, a list of internship opportunities for students is published in Amstat News. Internships benefit both the organization and the student. The student has the opportunity to work with practicing statisticians who are proficient in their fields and to learn what it is like to work in an industrial, laboratory, or office setting. The organization obtains the benefit of the student’s academic and other training, contributes to the professional development of that student, and has a first-hand opportunity to evaluate the student’s potential for future employment.

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Academic Salary Survey

Tables providing salary information for statistics faculty separated according to the type of institution and type of department. (Biostatistics faculty are not included.)

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Is That Clear?

Heavy use of statistical jargon can be a deterrent to the application of statistical inference or appropriate use of results. As statisticians, the make-up of our clientele ranges from students to collaborators in research to media personalities and lay people trying to make sense of the results we produce. How can we ensure our results move beyond high-impact, peer-reviewed journals to active use in industry and everyday life?

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Nominations Sought for Awards, Scholarships

Every year, the ASA joins sections, chapters, and several prominent institutions to recognize outstanding statisticians or budding statisticians in graduate programs. While the ASA awards nomination deadlines are listed here, check the sections and chapters areas on the ASA web site for additional deadlines. Members are encouraged to nominate their peers for any award. For more information about awards sponsored or cosponsored by the ASA, click here.