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With a year having passed since the release of the ASA Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs in Statistical Science–and data science programs and courses burgeoning across the United States–Amstat News asked several educators about how they were changing their intro stats courses so students have “appropriate capacity to ‘think with data’.”

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The ASA recently partnered with Chapman & Hall/CRC Press to launch a book series describing in simple, nontechnical ways how statisticians approach problems, and how they make a difference. The editors welcome book ideas.

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ASA President David Morganstein welcomed the board to the ASA’s headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, for its final meeting of the year. He especially welcomed incoming 2016 board members, who participated as part of their orientation. Read on for the highlights of the meeting.

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A Recipe for Successful Collaborations

During JSM 2015, the ASA’s SPAIG committee highlighted cutting-edge collaborative projects through successful partnerships between academia, industry, and/or government organizations. In the statistical field and related professions, sharing of ideas from different organizations frequently leads to exchange visits, support for graduate students, consulting jobs, grant award for faculty, and continuing education opportunities for statisticians outside of academe.

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Submissions are being accepted for the new peer-reviewed journal Observational Studies.