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In the eleventh installment of the Amstat News series of interviews with ASA presidents and executive directors, we feature a discussion with 1995 president Mitchell H. Gail.

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Morteza Marzjarani interviews Julie Rehmeyer, the winner of the 2015 Excellence in Statistical Reporting award.

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The ASA Fellow Award 2015 Update

The ASA’s 62 new fellows were honored August 11 during the Joint Statistical Meetings in Seattle, Washington. The new fellows are from 24 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and six other countries. Fellows are recognized for outstanding professional contributions to and leadership in statistical science. This article continues the tradition of providing a descriptive analysis of the ASA fellows and adds data for the 103 nominees and 62 fellows in 2015. Data are presented by employment sector and gender.

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The November 2015 issue of The American Statistician is a special issue on undergraduate curriculum. In it you will read about innovations in statistics education beyond the first introductory course.

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The Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute was established in 2012 by the Statistical Society of Canada to advance research in the statistical sciences in Canada by attracting new researchers to the field, increasing the points of contact among researchers nationally and internationally, and developing scientific collaboration with other disciplines and organizations.