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The May issue of The American Statistician is devoted to a celebration of the ASA’s 175th anniversary.

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The number of undergraduate statistics degrees has nearly doubled in the last four years—making it the fastest growing STEM degree—and master’s degrees are also growing quickly. This month, we look at new undergraduate data science programs.

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The Nonclinical Biostatistics Leaders’ Forum announces a call for nominations for best nonclinical statistical application paper published during 2011–2014.

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EPA’s Barry D. Nussbaum Elected 112th ASA President

Barry D. Nussbaum, chief statistician at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), was elected the 112th president of the American Statistical Association by the membership.

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Whether ASA members actively seek opportunities to talk about statistics careers with students or an opportunity presents itself, they will find the sources in this promotional toolkit valuable. They can use an individual toolkit item or combine items to maximize impact on their audience.