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Here is a list of the ASA’s longtime members.

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ASA, MAA Develop Guidelines for Teaching Introductory Statistics Course

The ASA and Mathematical Association of America have developed recommended qualifications for an instructor teaching a modern introductory statistics course.

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The third annual Thomas R. Ten Have Symposium on Statistics in Mental Health will be held at the Yale School of Public Health May 29–30.

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The Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies COPSS have published a book called Past, Present, and Future of Statistical Science to celebrate both its 50th anniversary and the International Year of Statistics.

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Organized and chaired by Devan V. Mehrotra of Merck Research Laboratories, the ASA Committee on Career Development will sponsor a panel session titled Career Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Statistical Innovation and Impact August 3 from 2–4 p.m. at JSM in Boston.