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ASA President Nat Schenker led the board through its final meeting of the 175th anniversary year November 14–15, 2014, at the ASA offices in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Ingram Olkin: Mentor to Many

Ingram Olkin’s accomplishments are legion in the world of statistics, and he has mentored many of today’s statisticians. Read about the effects of Olkin’s life on statistics and statisticians.

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Meet Brian Moyer, Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis

Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis Brian C. Moyer answers questions about himself and the agency he  leads. Look for other statistical agency head interviews in past and forthcoming issues.

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An Update to the American Community Survey Program

What is the status of the American Community Survey (ACS), and what are the significant developments, challenges, and achievements that have marked the ACS in the last decade? Read on to find out.

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This special issue of CHANCE is devoted to recognizing and celebrating women in statistics and their contributions to statistical science.