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ASA Experts Make Meaningful Contribution

Students at James Baldwin High School in New York City, considered whether the lottery hurts or harms communities. On the off chance he would respond, they emailed Ron Wasserstein, asking him to provide additional assistance and review their project.

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ASA Leaders Reminisce:  William B. Smith

Past ASA Executive Director William B. (Bill) Smith discusses his career and his thoughts about the future of the ASA with James Cochran.

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We invited Barry Johnson, head of the IRS Statistics of Income Division, to respond to a few questions so readers could learn more about him and the agency he leads.

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At the Capitol Hill Exhibition of the Coalition for National Science Funding, the ASA featured the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) booth titled “SAMSI: Fostering Research Innovations in Statistics and Mathematics for Data-Centered Science.”

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The May issue of The American Statistician is devoted to a celebration of the ASA’s 175th anniversary.