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[1 Oct 2016 | No Comment | 48 views]

This month, the ASA is launching an education campaign that will run through the end of November to raise funds and awareness for education programs and resources that support the learning and teaching of statistics. As part of the campaign kick-off, ASA President-elect Barry Nussbaum interviewed an outstanding high-school student, Jenny Chen, who presented a poster at JSM 2016 in Chicago.

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Recently, the National Registration and Statistics Office of Mongolia and National University of Mongolia co-hosted a series of events under the theme “Applied Statistics: Teaching, Research, and Business Innovation.” The events were organized jointly with professors from the University of Alabama, Yale University, and Penn State University. Read on to find out what they accomplished.

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Temple University’s Department of Statistics has been renamed the department of statistical science to reflect the discipline’s evolution.

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Highlights from the board’s meeting at the Joint Statistical Meetings, including discussion items, action items, and reported items.

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ASA members of the Human Rights Data Analysis Group recently coauthored a technical memo that accompanied an Amnesty International report detailing the conditions and mortality in Syrian prisons from 2011 to 2015.