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A National Science Foundation grant will enable the ASA to establish a series of undergraduate research experiences on campuses throughout the United States with the goal of invigorating the undergraduate research community in statistics.

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To coincide with the start of a new volume of Significance, both the print and online magazine underwent a major redesign.

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2016 Math Awareness Month: The Future of Prediction

April is Mathematics Awareness Month, and the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (JPBM) has selected “The Future of Prediction” as the theme.

Yogi Berra, paraphrasing Niels Bohr, said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Throughout Mathematics Awareness Month 2016, we will explore how mathematics and statistics are the future of prediction, providing insights and driving innovation. During the month, we will be asking the question, “What’s next?” and exploring how mathematicians and statisticians contribute to society.

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Matthew J. Gurka and Vaneeta K. Grover reflect on their experiences in the Preparing Statisticians for Leadership course at JSM and discuss the importance of leadership in the statistics profession from the perspectives of both academia and industry.

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For the past year, the ASA has had a committee working on elucidating principles that should accompany the use of p-values. I asked ASA executive director Ron Wasserstein to answer some questions about how this came about.