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Here is a list of certain historical events that occurred during the month of May.

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Flint, Michigan’s, Kettering University will host an international statistics conference in June titled “Flint: One City—100 Years Under Variability.” The conference will celebrate the 175th anniversary of the American Statistical Association.

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The American Statistical Association has launched a new “preparatory level”—called Graduate Statistician, or GStat—to its voluntary, individual statistician accreditation program.

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The 21st meeting of the Biopharmaceutical Applied Statistics Symposium (BASS XXI) will be held November 3–7 at the Crowne Plaza Washington DC-Rockville. At least 16 one-hour tutorials on diverse topics pertinent to the research, clinical development, and regulation of pharmaceuticals will be presented.

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This month’s column presents the third in a series of interviews about ASA President Nathaniel Schenker’s presidential initiatives. Here, he interviews Janet Buckingham of Southwest Research Institute about training in statistical leadership for working statisticians .