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1 November 2009 No Comment

Kathryn Wright



I am the newest member of the ASA Communications Department. As one of two graphic designers/production coordinators, I design marketing materials, publications, and conference items. Through this short piece, I hope to give you insight into where I have been and who I am.

As a Navy brat, I moved quite a few times while growing up, but consider Virginia Beach my hometown. I also have lived in Hawaii and Florida, but recently moved to an apartment in Alexandria that I consider to be home for now.

I spent four wonderful years in Harrisonburg, Virginia, attending James Madison University and, in 2005, earned my bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design. I then worked for a small government contractor as a multimedia developer and an in-house graphic designer for a consulting company.

In my free time, which I find seems to dwindle as I broaden my interests, I enjoy staying physically active by participating in any activity or sport that allows me to meet new people while simultaneously engaging in competition. Among my favorites are volleyball, softball, flag football, and running. It is not unusual for me to be seen in a gym or on a field on any given night of the week.

Art—whether it is fine art, music, culinary art, or dance—is another area of interest that keeps me busy. My hobbies run the gamut from painting and drawing to sewing my own clothes to cooking the latest recipe from “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” While I do not claim to be an expert at any of these, I always enjoy the challenge of learning or creating something new.

I am excited to be part of the ASA. I look forward to working with everyone and developing a better understanding of statistics. Feel free to contact me any time at kathryn@amstat.org.

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