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Volunteer News Editors Needed for Significance Site

1 August 2010 One Comment

Significance is now an official magazine of the American Statistical Association and Royal Statistical Society, with the first joint issue slated for publication this summer. To accompany the collaboration, an exciting magazine website will launch later this year. We are looking for volunteer news editors to write and post articles daily about the following:

  • Education
  • The environment, nature, and climate change
  • Health and medicine
  • Bioinformatics and genomics
  • The history of science and statistics
  • Finance and the economy
  • Food and drink
  • Official statistics
  • Science and technology
  • Sports
  • The social sciences

Why Become a News Editor?

  • Engage readers with magazine articles
  • Demonstrate the relevance of statistics to everyday matters
  • Promote your area of interest/speciality
  • Get free access to featured journals
  • Gain experience using blog technology
  • Include your profile on the site
  • Fit the work around your schedule (after initial training, the role requires about one hour every two weeks)
  • Network with others
  • Gain experience in communicating statistics to both specialists and a general audience
  • Raise your profile within the statistical community

What Does Being a News Editor Entail?

As a news editor, you will be asked to post one brief article every two weeks, though you are welcome to post more. These could be:

  • News articles that look at topical news items and provide comment and analysis from a statistical perspective (Where appropriate, news editors may link these topical news items to related articles previously published in ASA and RSS journals and Significance.)
  • Abstracts, rewritten into “magazine” style, from conferences you have attended or papers you have seen
  • Outlines of research that you or colleagues may be involved in, or any topic that might appeal to readers of Significance
  • An occasional long article, of the type that appears in Significance

For a copy of Significance, the full news editor brief, or details about how to apply, contact Nicola Emmerson at n.emmerson@rss.org.uk or visit the RSS website.

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