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Obituaries for July 2012

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David Binder

David Binder, a Fellow of the ASA, passed away June 3, 2012, at the age of 62.

Binder earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of Toronto and started his career at Statistics Canada. He earned his PhD at Imperial College, London, and taught full time at the University of Ottawa until 1981.

Binder was a past president of the Statistical Society of Canada and also served as its executive director.

Devoted to his career, he served as chair of the Statistical Society of Ottawa, chair of the Survey Research Methods Section of the ASA, and scientific secretary and vice president for the International Association of Survey Statisticians.

He was co-editor of the Wiley monograph on business survey methods and a keynote speaker at the IASS/IAOS Satellite Meeting on Longitudinal Studies.

A full memorial, is at the Statistical Society of Canada’s website.

Margaret Martin

Margaret Martin, both an economist and statistician by professional and academic training, passed away in May, a week after she celebrated her 100th birthday.

In 1933, Martin graduated from Barnard College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. She earned her master’s and PhD degrees in economics from Columbia University.

In late 1942, Martin was recommended for a position at the U.S. Bureau of Budget’s (now the Office of Management and Budget) Division of Statistical Standards (DSS) (now the Office of Statistical Policy). At DSS, she was responsible for the improvement and coordination of statistics and the review and approval of forms. After accepting the position, Martin moved from Albany, New York, to Washington, DC, and began her career generic ativan canada with the federal government.

During her years of service, Martin was involved in the early development of the Current Population Survey, and in 1961, she was assigned to the President’s Committee to Appraise Employment and Unemployment Statistics—to review the statistics, define what the problems were, and make a public report. In 1962, a full report was delivered to John F. Kennedy, and six years later, she received the Director’s Exceptional Service Award, Bureau of the Budget, for her efforts.

After 30 years of service, Martin retired from the Office of Management and Budget and was honored by the heads of numerous agencies for her long-term and significant contributions to data-collection systems concerning labor and income statistics.

In addition to her career responsibilities, Martin volunteered her time to several ASA posts. She was a Fellow of the ASA and president of the Washington Chapter in 1957 and 1958 and served as the 75th president of the ASA in 1980. Martin was also a co-chair of the ASA Building and Development Fund campaign, which helped raise enough money to purchase the first ASA headquarters building in Alexandria, Virginia. She also helped develop a manual of policies and procedures—pulling together the constitution; bylaws; and various recommendations, polices, and actions the board had taken over the preceding 20 years—to hand to new ASA officers each year. In 1989, she received the first-ever Founders Award.

To read more about Martin’s life, visit the Amstat News website.

Patricia Ramsey

Patricia Ramsey, professor of management systems in the school of business at Fordham University, passed away on April 27.

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