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Review of Soft Skills Training Available

1 November 2016 No Comment

Based on informal feedback gathered at JSM in Chicago this past August, members of the ASA’s Committee on Career Development (CCD) think there is a need for a centralized directory of ASA resources in “soft skills” training. For this purpose, soft skills training (SST) includes workshops, webinars, or other training in skills such as effective communication, collaboration, leadership, and influence.

The committee has begun creating a directory for SST using members’ knowledge to generate a preliminary list. At this time, the CCD will focus on recurring and high-level training available through the ASA.

All ASA members are invited to review the directory and make suggestions for additional resources available on similar topics and topics they would like to see covered in the ASA’s soft skills training resources. Suggestions will be used to modify the working directory, which will be finalized by the end of 2016. The directory will be updated annually in the first quarter of each year by CCD.

The directory will be used to aid ASA committees, sections, and other groups in developing new soft skills training. Suggestions are strongly encouraged and can be submitted to the CCD through Donna LaLonde. Visit the ASA’s Professional Development page to learn more.

Soft skills chart

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