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Statisticians Speak at Data Science Conferences

1 December 2016 3 Comments

DSAA attendees including, from left, Shirin Golchi (University of British Columbia, conferences organizers Longbing Cao (University of Technology Sidney) and Osmar Zaiane (University of Alberta), Roy Welsch (MIT), Richard De Veaux (Williams), David Donoho (Stanford), checking, Thierry Duchesne ( Laval University), Liqun Wang (University of Manitoba), Stephan Sain (Climate Corporation), checking.

Statisticians spoke at two data science conferences in October. David Donoho was keynote speaker and Richard De Veaux served as a special session chair at the third annual Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA) Conference in Montréal, Québec. They were joined on the program by Stephan Sain of Climate Corporation and David Benkezer of the University of California, Berkeley. While not available to attend, Sherri Rose of Harvard and Tian Zheng of Columbia helped organize sessions.

DSAA is a conference of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society that has featured a keynote presentation by a statistician each of its three years. The ASA joined as a platinum sponsor this year and is working to continue its sponsorship in future years. DSAA rotates its locations between Asia, Europe, and North America and will meet next year in Tokyo and in Turin, Italy, in 2018. Conference organizers are accepting proposals for a North-American venue in 2019.

Statisticians participating in DSAA spoke highly of the ASA being a sponsor and emphasized the importance of statisticians engaging scientists of other disciplines in the emerging field of data science. If you are interested in being involved in ASA sponsorship of DSAA, contact ASA Director of Science Policy Steve Pierson.

Puget Sound Chapter officer Jeremy Gu of Amazon speaks at the October Data Science Conference in Seattle.

Puget Sound Chapter officer Jeremy Gu of Amazon speaks at the October Data Science Conference in Seattle.

At The Data Science Conference in Seattle, Washington, ASA Puget Sound Chapter officer Jeremy Gu of Amazon spoke on behalf of the ASA about the role of statistics in data science. Daniela Witten of the University of Washington gave a talk titled, “Hard Problems; Easy Solutions,” while Tim Hesterberg of Google gave a talk titled “Statistics and Big Data at Google” and Robert Grossman of The University of Chicago gave a talk titled “An Introduction to AnalyticOps: Some Things You Should Know About the Differences Between Building and Deploying.”

At The Spring Data Science Conference in Chicago, the ASA was represented by Chicago Chapter President Joseph DeCosmo of Enova International and Sema Barlas of The University of Chicago. Grossman also spoke there about how to lower the cost of deploying analytics. The Data Science Conference will take place again in Chicago in the spring of 2017.

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  • Ali Mohammed Baba said:

    Its really marvelous. I wish I could attend the Conference but sponsorship is the issue. I am an all time statistician. How possible to attend.

  • longbing cao said:

    ASA’s sponsorship and support to DSAA is crucial for the data science community formation jointly with IEEE and ACM. David’s talk has been very well received. Look forward to seeing more statisticians speaking and attending DSAA’2017 in Tokyo, 19-21 Oct 2017, and organizing special sessions.

  • Thomas W. said:

    Tim’s presentation was very interesting and I was glad to see how Google dealt with big data experimentation. Jeremy’s talk on the data science career was a good summary that young engineers/mathematicians should read.