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Jerome Sacks Award

1 March 2018 No Comment

Jun S. Liu (center), winner of the 2017 Jerome Sacks Award, is flanked by NISS Board Chair Mary Batcher (left) and NISS Director (DC office) Nell Sedransk.  Photo by Greg Dohler

Jun S. Liu (center), winner of the 2017 Jerome Sacks Award, is flanked by NISS Board Chair Mary Batcher (left) and NISS Director (DC office) Nell Sedransk.
Photo by Greg Dohler


The National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) invites nominations for the 2018 Jerome Sacks Award. The deadline for sending nominations is April 1.

The Jerome Sacks Award recognizes sustained, high-quality, cross-disciplinary research involving the statistical and data sciences. The 2018 award will be presented at the NISS-JSM (Joint Statistical Meetings) reception in Vancouver, British Columbia.

About the Award

The Jerome Sacks Award for Cross-Disciplinary Research was created in 2001 in honor of Jerome (Jerry) Sacks, the founding director of NISS. The winner of this award receives $1,000 and a plaque. The winner’s name will also be added to a plaque at NISS that lists all recipients of the award.

“The Jerry Sacks Award has traditionally been given to an individual. Anyone can send us a nomination, nominating a colleague or a friend,” says Christy Chuang-Stein, NISS Board member and member of the NISS Awards Committee, adding, “The nominations are reviewed by the NISS Awards Committee and the most qualified candidate is selected based on the spirit of the award.”

Looking Back

Last year’s award recipient, Jun S. Liu, is a professor of statistics at Harvard University. Liu was recognized for his groundbreaking research contributions at the interface of statistics and biology, including algorithms for protein sequence analysis, DNA sequence motif finding, gene expression analysis, and regulatory network elucidation that have become important tools for computational biologists.

Past Sacks Award Winners
Jun S. Liu (2017), William F. Eddy (2016), Stephen Fienberg (2015), Terry Speed (2014), Kenneth Burnham (2013), William Meeker (2012), Emory Brown (2011), Sallie Keller (2010), Ramanathan Gnanadesikan (2009), John Rice (2008), Cliff Spiegelman (2007), Adrian Raftery (2006), Jeff Wu (2005), Douglas Nychka (2004), Raymond Carroll (2003), Max Morris (2002), Elizabeth Thompson (2001)

Other Awards Offered by NISS
NISS Postdoctoral Achievement Award
NISS Distinguished Service Award

“I feel extremely honored to be a recipient of the Jerome Sacks Award. Looking at the name list of former Sacks Award recipients and their achievements, I also feel so much humbled. This award is to celebrate achievements in interdisciplinary research. By its nature, it is not just for me. It is for all those who have taught me science, who have accepted me into their research teams, and all those scientists who have appreciated my statistical contributions,” said Liu.

Looking Forward

At JSM 2018, Liu will speak at an invited session hosted by NISS, titled, “Cross-Disciplinary Research on Statistical Genomics and Bioinformatics.” Wing Hung Wong, professor of statistics and biomedical data science at Stanford University, and Lingzhou Xue, assistant professor of statistics at Penn State University, will join Liu at this invited session. Liu’s talk is based on a collaboration with the computational biology lab led by Vamsi K. Mootha, professor of systems biology and medicine at Harvard Medical School.

How to Nominate

To nominate an individual, submit in one combined PDF document the following information by April 1:

  • Nomination letter (maximum two pages)
  • Supporting letters from two individuals (other than nominator)
  • The nominee’s CV

Nomination packets remain active for two years following the year the nomination is sent.

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