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ASA Giving Day 2021 Raises Nearly $52,000

1 December 2021 1,380 views One Comment

Amanda Malloy

For more than 180 years, the ASA community has stood together to embrace opportunities and respond to crises facing the statistical community and society at large. We have learned from and are inspired by those who have come before us—continuing to grow and empower others through knowledge and data.

ASA’s fourth annual Giving Day, which took place October 8, celebrated this rich history and a dedication to making a better tomorrow. The ASA community demonstrated this by donating close to $52,000. Thank you to everyone who donated! These donations will help enhance statistics education at all levels, improve the public’s understanding of how to make better decisions based on reliable data, advocate for sound policy and governance, and cultivate the next generation of leaders in statistics and data science.

A special video series was launched on ASA Giving Day that featured members discussing issues important to them. If you haven’t already, you can still watch the videos. Audio files are also available to download and listen to as you would a podcast. Videos in the series include the following:

Building Trust in Federal Statistics

  • Katherine Wallman – Former Chief Statistician of the United States
  • Joe Hotz – Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Economics, Duke University
  • Denice Ross – Senior Fellow, National Conferences on Citizenship

Bringing Statistics to a Wider Audience

  • Regina Nuzzo – ASA Senior Advisor for Statistics Communication and Media Innovation
  • Aparna Nathan – 2021 AAAS Mass Media Fellow at The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Nick Thieme – 2017 AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Slate

Innovation in K–12 Statistics Education

  • Donna LaLonde – ASA Director of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach
  • Christine Franklin – ASA K–12 Statistical Ambassador
  • Leticia Perez – GAISE II author and K–12 educator

Fostering Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Statistical Community

  • Ron Wasserstein – ASA Executive Director
  • Adrian Coles – Chair, Committee on Minorities in Statistics, and Co-Chair, Anti Racism Task Force
  • Kimberly Sellers – Chair, JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Outreach Group

Giving Day Chapter and University Challenge Winners

Chapter Challenge Winners

  • Region 1 – Washington Statistical Society
  • Region 2 – Ann Arbor Chapter
  • Region 3 – San Antonio Chapter

University Challenge Winners (tied)

  • Kansas State University
  • Northwestern

Visit the ASA website to learn more about the Giving Day challenges and what donations do.

ASA GivesBack Hallow-Meme Contest Winners

The ASA GivesBack leadership team held a Hallow-meme contest in October. Participants were asked to create a statistics meme using statistical concepts and images. Two winners were selected for this inaugural contest: Larry Lesser from the open category and Vasu Prasad from the K–12 category.

Larry Lesser—Open category

Vasu Prasad —K-12 category

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  • Larry Lesser said:

    Larry thanks Dennis Pearl for helpful feedback in wording this meme.