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Highlights of the August 5–6, 2022, Board of Directors Meeting

1 October 2022 No Comment
Ron Wasserstein, ASA Executive Director

    On Friday, August 5, ASA President Kathy Ensor called to order the JSM 2022 meeting of the ASA Board of Directors. The board met at the Marriot Marquis DC, the JSM headquarters hotel. Highlights of the meeting follow.


    The board …

    • Approved the 2023 ASA budget.
    • Formed a task force to explore and recommend actions to the ASA Board for building partnerships and joint programs with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).
    • Formed a task force to consider the criteria the ASA should use when selecting future meeting locations. The task force will look broadly at the factors that ensure a meeting is successful and aligned with the Code of Conduct.
    • Approved negotiating a contract with a consulting firm to help the ASA develop and implement its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
    • Approved the formation of a Caucus of Industry Representatives, modeled after the Caucus of Academic Representatives.

    Reports and Discussions

    • Associate Executive Director and Director of Operations Steve Porzio summarized the financials for the first half of 2022. Operations are tracking as expected financially.
    • ASA Treasurer Ruixiao Lu reported on the ASA’s investments. She reviewed the allocation of the ASA’s investments as of mid-year and discussed the general economic outlook as it may affect investments. Lu also updated the board on the activities of the Investments Committee, Budget Committee, and Audit Committee.
    • Amanda Malloy, ASA director of development, updated the board on fundraising activities. She highlighted the success of the nascent ASA GivesBack program, which organized Impact DC, an opportunity at JSM to provide food for the area homeless community.
    • The board heard about three programs that leverage resources to support statisticians and data scientists: (1) the Virginia Tech Collaborative Undergraduate Biostatistics Experience (CUBE) program; (2) the NSF-funded National Data Mine Network, which is a grant to the ASA that builds on a successful initiative at Purdue; and (3) the R Govys initiative, which is a result of the ASA membership in the R Consortium. The ASA wants to promote and support these kinds of efforts.
    • ASA Vice President Nick Horton updated the board on Foundations of Data Science for Students in Grades K–12: A Workshop, to be held September 13–14 and hosted by the National Academies. Several National Academies entities have been re-envisioning K–12 education with a focus on data and computational tools. This workshop is part of that process.
    • Donna LaLonde, ASA director of strategic initiatives and outreach, noted the International Day of Women in Statistics and Data Science will be held beginning at 12 a.m. UTC on October 11 and is sponsored by the Caucus for Women in Statistics, Statistical Society of Portugal, and the ASA. There will be virtual presentations throughout the day, all celebrating the involvement of women in statistics and data science.
    • ASA Director of Science Policy Steve Pierson provided his regular report on the ASA’s advocacy efforts. Pierson updated the board on the new chief statistician of the US, science and statistical agency budgets, plans for JSM 2022 Hill Day, activities of the ASA Committee on Privacy and Confidentiality, and a variety of other ongoing matters.
    • The board discussed setting priorities for the audiences and functions of the ASA website based on the strategic goals of the association.
    • Wendy Naus, executive director of the Consortium of Social Science Associations, updated the board on the consortium’s role and activities. The ASA is a founding member of the Consortium of Social Science Associations. Naus noted that the consortium is an advocacy organization with institutional members, but individual members of these institutions have access to the consortium’s resources.
    • Paul Schroeder, executive director of the Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics, updated the board on council’s role and activities. The ASA is a founding member of the Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics. Schroeder noted the council’s mission, which focuses on the federal statistical agencies, and reviewed key audiences and activities.
    • The board discussed a nearly final update to the Membership Retention and Growth and Public Awareness portions of the ASA Strategic Plan. The update will appear on the website soon. The board will next address the Publications and Professional Development portions of the strategic plan.
    • ASA Executive Director Ron Wasserstein reviewed the status of follow-up on the recommendations the ad hoc Committee on Increasing Diversity in Publications made. The policy document review process is well underway. Two townhall meetings have been held, and two focus group meetings are scheduled for JSM.
    • The board worked through a set of discussion questions regarding planning for future ASA meetings. The board had many observations and suggestions for staff follow-up.
    • Ensor updated the board on 2022 initiatives, including expanding the role of the ASA in data science and AI, developing the Leadership Institute, and highlighting the impact statisticians are having on many areas.
    • National Mathematics Alliance Director David Goldberg updated the board on the activities of the alliance, of which the ASA is a sponsor. He reviewed the mission and activities of the alliance, noting the importance of the ASA’s involvement and that of the broader statistical community in increasing the number of members of underrepresented groups in graduate programs.
    • Doug Simpson and Kevin Corlette updated the board on the activities of the Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation. The institute has implemented its plans on schedule and continues to reach out to the statistics community through ASA channels.

    The board will have its final meeting of 2022 November 18–19 at the ASA office in Alexandria, Virginia.

    2022 Board of Directors

    Kathy Ensor, President
    Dionne Price, President-Elect
    Scarlett Bellamy, Vice President (completing the term of Dionne Price)
    Matilde Sanchez-Kam, Second-Year Vice President
    Nick Horton, First-Year Vice President
    Ji-Hyun Lee, Third-Year Council of Chapters Representative
    Alexandra Hanlon, Second-Year Council of Chapters Representative
    Kendra Schmid, First-Year Council of Chapters Representative
    Rebecca Hubbard, Third-Year Council of Sections Representative
    Kate Calder, Second-Year Council of Sections Representative
    Michelle Shardell, First-Year Council of Sections Representative
    Alexandra Schmidt, International Representative
    Bin Nan, Publications Representative
    Ruixiao Lu, Treasurer
    Ron Wasserstein, Executive Director and Board Secretary

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