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2023 ASA Election – BOD Candidate Statements and Open Section Positions

1 March 2023 No Comment
The ASA announces the candidates for the 2023 election. Voting begins April 3 and runs through May 1. Make sure to look for your ballots in your email inbox.


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Running for President-Elect
Running for Vice President
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Running for Council of Chapters Representative to the Board
Running for Council of Sections Representative to the Board
Running for Publications Representative to the Board
List of Section Positions

Running for President-Elect 2024


Dipak Dey

Dipak Dey

University of Connecticut
It is [the] most exciting time for me to be a statistical scientist, and I am honored to be a candidate for president of the ASA. I have been learning statistics since my undergraduate years, but I never felt this much excitement. I have seen [with] my own eyes over time that we are becoming more and more valuable in our community in terms of our need. We are now able to capitalize fully on our strong foundations of statistics in the age of data and extensive computational resources. ASA must take a leadership role to understand the changes and expertly address their impact.

In addition, I suggest [creating] a new section on machine learning in statistical science and joint partnership with SIAM, so that members will be able to join meetings and mutually share benefits at a reduced rate. Similarly, partnerships of analytics relating to health solutions and business analytics will also be sought through various established ASA sections.

Over the years of experience in mentoring, I am convinced that it plays a major role in professional development of students, faculty, and staff at every level. I look forward to expanding our mission even further. We definitely need more statisticians to volunteer for mentorship.

ASA can develop multiple strategies for professional development. First [is] to get more involved in memberships of committees and subcommittees of [the] National Academies, which will eventually help in membership of National Academies and AAAS.

My effort toward [an] increase in membership is based on more inclusiveness. Many members in other statistical societies in other countries can be invited to become a shared member of ASA through a cost-reduction approach, following [the] guidelines of ISI [International Statistical Institute].

I am excited about where our profession is heading and will be honored to have the opportunity to help achieve these goals as ASA president.

Ji-Hyun Lee

Ji-Hyun Lee

University of Florida
ASA has played a pivotal role in my career as a statistician. The first step on my ASA journey was volunteering in my local chapter. Many rewarding steps and years later, I served on the Council of Chapters Governing Board as a district vice chair and on the ASA Board of Directors. It would be an honor to give back to the ASA community as president.

My priority as ASA president is to build strong bridges, both within and outside of the ASA community, to strengthen our association and seize the opportunities in this data-driven era. My strategic plan will focus on three key areas:

  • Growing Visibility. We need a strategy to ensure our members are represented in science, medicine, society, and policy efforts. Building bridges with other professional societies in STEM and non-STEM fields can promote our discipline. We can strengthen our visibility and impact by working closely with the ASA Professional Issues and Visibility Council, our sections and interest groups, and external partners.
  • Enhancing Opportunities. As our profession diversifies, we need accessible and tailored training to support the evolving needs of our profession. By offering “precision leadership programs” and building on the ASA Leadership Institute, we can create a clear and robust path for future leaders from all backgrounds and ensure our association remains strong and influential.
  • Diversifying Membership. Our profession is increasingly diverse, intellectually and culturally. As a founding member of the JEDI Outreach Group and past president of the Caucus for Women in Statistics, I see opportunities to continue to grow our association. I am committed to helping the ASA reach its potential as a diverse and influential community.

Collaboration is fulfilling, and I am excited to work with you to implement my strategic plan. Visit my website for more information.

Running for Vice President 2024–2026


Susan Paddock

Susan Paddock

NORC at the University of Chicago
It is an exciting time for our field. ASA is appropriately pursuing numerous strategies to advance the essential role of statistics in data science. These include new conference programming, leadership on educational initiatives, and new committees such as ASA’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) Committee, on which I serve. As ASA vice president, I would work to further advance statistical leadership in these areas. Statisticians have valuable insights into improving data quality and making the most of “big data” while recognizing its limits.

One role of the ASA vice president is to support ASA presidential initiatives. This is something with which I have experience. Under former ASA President Karen Kafadar’s Impact initiative, I interviewed experts from academia, industry, and policy research for a webinar and Amstat News article to bring attention to how statisticians can make an impact on automated driving systems. It is important for ASA to support the ideas of members, sections, and chapters to build the affiliations, deep collaborations, and interactions across disciplines that are critical for advancing statistical practice, data science, and scientific and technological advancement.

Another vice president role is to serve on ASA’s board and thus have responsibility to lead and respond to members’ ideas and concerns. Leadership and responsiveness are required to advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and to ensure the goals of ASA’s Antiracism Task Force are met. To mitigate risks to momentum in meeting goals and keeping membership engaged with JEDI goals, the approach I would support as a board member would be to be inclusive, highly communicative, and transparent while working toward implementing task force recommendations.

It would be an honor to serve as ASA vice president. I highly value the educational and scientific opportunities and community provided by ASA and the importance of ASA as a voice for sound statistical practice in our society.

Kelly Zou

Kelly Zou

Two songs that echo my aspirations the most are “Flying to the Moon” and “Moon River.” To aim high, we need information, technologies, and a spaceship. The magical ingredient that many of us are facing these days is “big data,” though their sheer volume, velocity, variety, and veracity.

It is a great honor and privilege to be considered for the volunteering role [of] vice president [of] the American Statistical Association, known as the “Big Tent for Statistics!” I have been a member since being a PhD student in statistics, [and I am] an elected ASA Fellow and an Accredited Professional Statistician (PStat). I would like to be a change-agent in our professional circle to harness data for insights and make a mark in the real world.

My professional social media headline summarizes in a nutshell:
1.Connect people and cultures.
2.Make innovations happen.
3.Have passions for data.

[These] can be achieved through quantitative and qualitative data-driven actions.

Recently in data science, I have been fortunate to have received or [been] part of the winning teams that received the Future Thinking Award from the Chief Data and Analytics Officer Forum, Most Valuable Data & Insights Initiative Award from Reuters Events, and Digital Innovation Award from the CPhI Pharma.

How to be a driving force to support the ASA if I am elected by our members? First, as an industry statistician, I would highly support bridging the gaps across sectors through effective collaborations and [partnerships]. In addition, I would like to highly encourage a diverse membership community to elevate the profiles of statisticians and those in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) more broadly.

Eleanor Roosevelt once famously said, “If life were predictable, it would cease to be life and be without flavor.” Statistics is ever more delightful in the world of uncertainties with an abundance of data.

Please cast your vote today! Let’s take the ASA to new heights!

Running for Treasurer 2024–2026


Jean Opsomer

Jean Opsomer

I am honored to be a candidate for the newly created position of ASA treasurer. As treasurer, I will bring expertise in financial and accounting matters to the ASA Board, assisting them in understanding and interpreting ASA financials and in communicating with ASA staff. I will also actively participate in discussions of ASA strategic goals, especially those related to the future financial health of the organization.

I have served as treasurer on the boards of professional organizations, including two terms for the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (2010–2016) and one term for the International Association of Survey Statisticians (2017–2019). I have also served on the ASA Finance Committee (2006–2011), and I recently completed a term on the International Statistical Institute Finance Committee (2020–2022). While the ASA is larger and more complex than these other statistical societies, many financial challenges facing them are similar in nature, including lack of growth in membership and pressure on traditional revenue sources such as conferences and publications. I believe that these previous experiences and familiarity with nonprofit financials will allow me to contribute effectively as ASA treasurer and board member.

As a statistician working in academia and more recently in industry, I have a deep appreciation for the contributions statistical thinking brings to society. Despite the financial emphasis of the treasurer duties, the ultimate goal of the position is to collaborate with the other board members, the ASA staff, and the membership at large to work towards the ASA’s strategic mission: promoting the practice and profession of statistics. As treasurer, I will do my best to help ASA succeed in accomplishing this mission.

Phil Scinto

Phil Scinto

The Lubrizol Corporation
Greetings, fellow ASA members. My name is Phil Scinto, and I am honored and humbled to be running for ASA Board treasurer.

There are so many great people to choose from for this position, so why me? Let me first say that in most ASA elections, there are no “bad” choices. However, with your support, I would continue my practice of promoting the need for providing value to all of our members at the board level. There should be value, fun, excitement, and delight in your being or becoming a proud ASA member. As treasurer, I do not dictate the money spent, but I can provide an honest assessment to the board as to our current financial health so that decisions may be made on how best to invest in our current and future members.

Those [who] know me know that I am quite silly and enjoy having fun. If elected, that personality would remain, but also know that I am serious and responsible about the jobs that I take. As a past officer in various ASA positions, I always attended all meetings, volunteered for assignments, and thought about the best ways I could serve in my position. I volunteered in the initial design of the Conference on Statistical Practice, became chair, and helped kick-start a very successful conference. I was very passionate in my involvement of the ASA Mentoring Award, and I was very diligent in my treasurer roles at the section level and the Council of Sections.

Volunteering and participating in ASA activities has been one of the joys of my 36+-year career. It would be simply amazing to start a new role, and I would appreciate your consideration. Stay well, make your voice heard to ASA, and we’ll see you at future ASA activities.

Running for Council of Chapters Representative 2024–2026


Tom Krenzke

Tom Krenzke

My main goal is to help improve ASA by providing assistance and ideas to chapters that need to be revitalized. My experience will be useful in assisting the ASA Board in providing assistance to chapters that need to be returned to active status.

As WSS [Washington Statistical Society] president in 2018–2019, the main theme “Let’s Get Together” was introduced to improve social aspects of a thriving statistical community by bringing statisticians and data scientists together to meet in person. The special activities conducted by volunteers during that year included improved receptions after seminars, happy hours, and a leadership conference.

Each year, WSS offers many activities, including seminars, short courses, and poster competitions. A mentoring program started a short time ago in WSS that grew to 40 mentoring pairs in 2019. Also in 2019, a partnership was formed with other chapters in the northeast to share a webinar series on biostatistics. With online webinars, it may be beneficial to reach a broader group through partnerships among chapters.

The role as District 2 vice chair has required communication and organization skills. Using the WSS experience, in 2021, I contributed to an Amstat News article, “‘How-To’ Succeed Now and in the Post-Pandemic Future”. When communicating with chapter officers in District 2’s seven states and Washington, DC, the above experiences are ones that help think through what may work.

I look forward to working with the strong ASA staff with three main focuses. First is to support the ASA Board of Directors. Next is to continue [to] focus on the chapters and be a liaison to the COCGB [Council of Chapters Governing Board]. Last, to be able to take part in the sharing of professional expertise on important issues in our field, such as the opportunities for statisticians to address declining response rates, developing quality metrics for nonprobability data, statistical confidentiality, and record linkage.

Motomi Mori

Motomi Mori

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
I am incredibly honored to be nominated for the Council of Chapters board representative. My earliest involvement in ASA was serving on the Committee on Women in Statistics (COWIS) in 1997. One of my first tasks was to collect data on women’s representation at JSM when there was no gender data on JSM participants. I remember reviewing the abstract booklet in order to guess the gender of the session speakers based on the names alone. We have come a long way since then. I continue to be committed to advancing women in statistics and data science.

Last year, a group of us in the ASA, Caucus for Women in Statistics, and Portuguese Statistical Society organized a 24-hour, virtual, around-the world-conference featuring [female] statisticians and data scientists. If elected, I would like to continue my passion for advancing women in statistics and data science, and more broadly, to proactively support ASA’s JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion) initiatives and foster a pipeline to ensure JEDI for future generations of statisticians and data scientists. To achieve this, I believe that we must pay more attention to advocacy work and actively promote the visibility of ASA’s work and our profession within the general scientific community and among the public. We must also educate ourselves to be effective advocates through professional development and leadership training and build stronger alliances with other statistical and data science organizations around the world.

Running for Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026


Jennifer Parker

Jennifer Parker

National Center for Health Statistics
I am honored to be nominated to serve as the Council of Sections (COS) representative to the ASA Board of Directors. The ASA has been my primary professional home throughout my career, and it would be my privilege to serve as a board member and contribute my effort toward addressing the challenges and opportunities ASA faces toward its mission of promoting the practice and profession of statistics. I am looking forward to being able to bring my perspectives toward ASA efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusiveness through ASA communication, programming, and professional development. I am particularly interested in the career and professional development of early-career statisticians through JEDI activities, mentoring, and opportunities.

The foundation of the ASA is its members, with our diverse interests, specialties, and expertise. I peruse the list of sections each year during my membership renewal and am reminded of the breadth, depth, and impact of our work. I am a member of several sections, which have varied over time depending on my current professional role and activities, though I have been most involved with the Government Statistics Section (GSS). Through my service as COS representative for GSS, one of my highlights of JSM was [the] opportunity to talk with my counterparts from other sections about our common and unique challenges.

Communication is the key to understanding each other and increasing the understanding of those who use our work. Communication will help us to move toward our ASA strategic vision: a world that relies on data and statistical thinking to drive discovery and inform decisions. If elected, I will bring my skills and experience communicating statistical reasoning and statistical results to nonstatisticians and communicating health-related data needs to statisticians to the ASA Board of Directors.

Hao Helen Zhang

Hao Helen Zhang

University of Arizona
I am honored by the nomination and excited about the opportunity of serving as Council of Sections representative.

Our profession has been making enormous contributions to various aspects of the human society and lives. In the era of data science, statistics plays a core role and is one main driving force of theoretical principles, state-of-the-art optimization algorithms, and powerful learning tools for AI. There are many exciting opportunities and challenges.

To further empower the community, the ASA Board should continue to advocate the leading role of statistics in data science, find innovative strategies to identify leadership and funding opportunities for statisticians, enhance public visibility and impact, and form unified standard of statistics and data science education at all levels—from modernizing undergraduate curricula and promoting professional degrees to broadening statistics education and awareness at high schools. Given the fast growth of the profession, one priority is to increase membership and diversity.

One critical challenge in today’s statistical practice is to build trust and safety in statistical decision-making, which has become more essential to society, from science to industry to daily lives. There have been increasing efforts in the community to enhance fairness, transparency, and interpretability in statistical learning. The ASA should organize efforts and advance trustworthy learning by formulating guidelines and solutions for the wider society.

Recently, I had privileges to involve various national and local data science programs and initiatives as chair of [the] Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science, leading PI of NSF TRIPODS research centers on data science, and director of the university’s statistics and data science graduate program.

If elected, I hope to leverage these experience and work wholeheartedly with the Council of Sections to form the long-term vision and actionable plan for ASA and the community.

Running for Publications Representative to the Board 2024–2026


Jing Cheng

Jing Cheng

University of California, San Francisco
I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the publications representative to the Board of Directors of [the] American Statistical Association (ASA). I have served ASA for years in various ways as associate editor of The American Statistician since 2018, chair of [the] Section on Statistics in Epidemiology (SIE) in 2020, SIE program chair in 2013, SIE publications officer in 2009–2011, and organizer and chair of Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) sessions since 2005.

I would love to serve on the ASA Board of Directors as the publications representative. If elected, I would continue the successful activities in the past [and] welcome new ideas from and work with all members, stakeholders, and the Board of Directors about ways in which the ASA can best represent members’ interests, accomplish our mission, and raise our visibility within and beyond the statistical community.

With impressive advances in information technology, large electronic data in all fields—along with genetic data and genomic sequencing data—provide big opportunities and challenges for understanding and helping people and solving issues in the world with powerful statistical tools. With increased attention on personalized care and service, I believe that ASA should emphasize our mission to advance solid statistical methods and applications worldwide with rich potential resources at every level (individual, community, state, nation, and world) to serving the public in cost-effective ways.

Among the worldwide open-access movement, I would be happy to work with the Board of Directors, university libraries, and other stakeholders to establish an effective way to translate remarkable statistical research into serving the public and improving the world.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the ASA members via supporting publications and all other ASA activities.

Antje Hoering

Antje Hoering

Cancer Research and Biostatistics
I am honored to be nominated to run as the publication representative on the ASA Board and am excited to contribute to the ASA in this role. Since 2013, I have enjoyed serving as an associate editor of the Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research (SBR) journal. It has been particularly rewarding to contribute to a relatively new journal and watch its impact factor increase every year. We are faced with new challenges that are not unique to this particular journal.

I believe the peer-review process is vital to our profession to ensure quality, accuracy, and relevance of publications. Yet this process can be lengthy and costly, and open-access journals have become a real competition. I would hope to address this issue by listening and learning from other statisticians, associated editors, and editors who are faced with this dilemma.

In addition to representing publications, I look forward to contributing to other ASA activities. I am particularly passionate about membership engagement, especially for early-career statisticians. As a member of the board, I would like to help find ways to develop opportunities for early-career ASA members to feel welcome and included in the activities of this society. This could help with membership, as well as the JEDI initiative.

As a collaborative statistician, I am a member of the American Society of Hematology and have served on the faculty for the Clinical Research Training Institute for the past six years. I have witnessed increased engagement from early-career hematologists as they learn and receive mentorship from others more advanced in their careers. I believe similar efforts could help with ASA membership.

Thank you for considering me for the opportunity to further serve ASA members. I look forward to working with others on the board in advancing ASA activities and initiatives that provide our members opportunities to advance their knowledge and careers.


Bayesian Statistical Science

Chair-Elect 2024
Sam Behseta, California State University, Fullerton
Lester Mackey, Stanford University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Anindya Bhadra, Purdue University
Oksana Chkrebtii, The Ohio State University
Publications Officer 2024–2026
Christine Peterson, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Weining Shen, University of California, Irvine


Chair-Elect 2024
Dipankar Bandyopadhyay, Virginia Commonwealth University
Tanya Garcia, The University of North Carolina
Secretary/Treasurer 2024–2025
Lei Liu, Washington University in St. Louis
Carmen D. Tekwe-Zoh, University of Indiana


Chair-Elect 2024
Erik Bloomquist, US Food and Drug Administration
Yongming Qu, Eli Lilly and Company
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Jianchang Lin, Takeda
Herb Pang, Genentech
Secretary 2024–2026
Shuyan Wen, Merck
Yueqin Zhao, US Food and Drug Administration
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Freda Cooner, Arcutis Biotherapeutics
Stephine Keeton, Abond CRO

Business and Economic Statistics

Chair-Elect 2024
Rebecca Sela, JP Morgan Chase
Xiaofeng Shao, University of Illinois
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Mariana Saenz-Ayala, Georgia Southern University
Andrew Martinez, US Department of the Treasury

Statistical Computing

Chair-Elect 2024
Tim Hesterberg, Google
Jonathan Lane, Activision
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Allison Theobold, California Polytechnic State University
Ming Hu, University of California, Santa Barbara
Secretary/Treasurer 2024–2025
Giles Hooker, University of California, Berkeley
Keegan Korthauer, University of British Columbia
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Alexander Fisher, Duke University
Lydia Gibson, California State University, East Bay

Statistical Consulting

Chair-Elect 2024
Jimmy Efird, US Department of Veterans Affairs
Rob Podolsky, Children’s National Hospital
Terrie Vasilopoulous, University of Florida
Secretary/Treasurer 2024–2026
David Bristol, Statistical Consulting Services
Alan Chiang, Lyell Immunopharma
Dhuly Chowdhury, RTI International
Yanming Di, Oregon State University
Andrea Mack, Idaho National Laboratories
Hoang Nguyen, The University of Texas Medical Branch
Daniel Zhao, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
David Agboola, Procter & Gamble
Ed Boone, Virginia Commonwealth University
Zonghui Hu, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Shouhao Zhao, University of Pennsylvania
Executive Committee at Large 2024–2026
Arun Chind, Proshen Health & Risk Consulting
Daryl Deford, Washington State University
Chris Franck, Virginia Tech
Emily Leary, University of Missouri
Maria Montez-Rath, Stanford University
Li Zhang, University of California

Section on Statistics and Data Science Education

Chair-Elect 2024
Lisa Kay, Eastern Kentucky University
Karen McGaughey, California Polytechnic State University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Ming-Wen An, Vassar College
Sam Wilcock, Messiah University
Executive Committee at Large 2024–2026 (two positions)
Tyler George, Cornell College
Anarina Murillo, Brown University
Felicia Simpson, Winston-Salem State University
Venessa Singhroy, Queensborough Community College

Statistics in Defense and National Security

Chair-Elect 2024
Yulia Gel, The University of Texas at Dallas
Joseph Warfield, Johns Hopkins University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Kumer P. Das, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Ana Kupresanin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Secretary/Treasurer 2024–2026
John Haman, Institute for Defense Analyses
Victoria Sieck, US Air Force

Statistics and the Environment

Chair-Elect 2024
Mikyoung Jun, University of Houston
Dorit Hammerling, Colorado School of Mines
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Abhirup Datta, Johns Hopkins University
Philip White, Brigham Young University
Treasurer 2024 (Rotates to Secretary in 2025)
Yawen Guan, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Toryn Schafer, Texas A&M University
Publications Chair-Elect 2024–2025
Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, Texas A&M University
Ander Wilson, Colorado State University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Ali Arab, Georgetown University
Michael Dumelle, US Environmental Protection Agency

Statistics in Epidemiology

Chair-Elect 2024
Veronica Berrocal, University of California, Irvine
Bo Lu, The Ohio State University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Sam Pimentel, University of California, Berkeley
Molin Wang, Harvard University
Publications Officer 2024–2026
Le Bao, University of Pennsylvania
Hong Li, University of California, Davis
Arman Oganisian, Brown University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Elizabeth Handorf, Fox Chase Cancer Center
Lior Rennert, Clemson University

Statistics in Genomics and Genetics

Chair-Elect 2024
Jung-Ying Tzeng, North Carolina State University
Zhijin Wu, Brown University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Audrey Hendricks, University of Colorado
Julia Palacios, Stanford University
Peng Wei, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Li-Xuan Qin, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Hao Wu, Emory University

Government Statistics

Chair-Elect 2024
Deliverance Bougie, US Census Bureau
Evercita C. Eugenio, Sandia National Laboratories
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Darcy Steeg Morris, US Census Bureau
Justin Strait, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Statistical Graphics

Chair-Elect 2024
Heike Hofmann, Iowa State University
Michael Kane, Yale University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Earo Wang, University of Auckland
Emily Zabor, Cleveland Clinic

Health Policy Statistics

Chair-Elect 2024
Mousumi Banerjee, University of Michigan
Hui Xie, University of Illinois at Chicago

Statistics in Imaging

Chair-Elect 2024
Michele Guindani, University of California, Los Angeles
Sean L. Simpson, Wake Forest University
Dana L. Tudorascu, University of Pittsburgh
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Dehan Kong, University of Toronto
Yi Zhao, Indiana University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Raphiel J. Murden, Emory University
Cheng-Han Yu, Marquette University
Yize Zhao, Yale University

Statistical Learning and Data Science

Chair-Elect 2024
Zaid Harchaoui, University of Washington
Jing Lei, Carnegie Mellon University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Pang Du, Virginia Tech University
Irina Gaynanova, Texas A&M University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Mladen Kolar, The University of Chicago
Wenzhu Mowrey, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Lifetime Data Science Section

Chair-Elect 2024
Zhezhen Jin, Columbia University
Limin Peng, Emory University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Mengling Liu, New York University
Michael Pennell, The Ohio State University
Treasurer 2024–2026
Chen Hu, Johns Hopkins University
Yifei Sun, Columbia University

Statistics in Marketing

Chair-Elect 2024
Min Kim, National University of Singapore
Shibo Li, Indiana University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Hortense Fong, Columbia University
Dungang Liu, University of Cincinnati
Treasurer 2024–2025
Tatiana Dyachenko, University of Georgia
Adraine Upshaw

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Chair-Elect 2024
Hope Knuckles, Abbott
Wei Wang, US Food and Drug Administration
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Kai Qu, US Food and Drug Administration
Ken (Guangxing) Wang, US Food and Drug Administration

Mental Health Statistics

Chair-Elect 2024
Alessandro De Nadai, Harvard Medical School
Hongyu Miao, Florida State University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Joshua Loyal, Florida State University
Chong Wu, MD Anderson Cancer Center


Chair-Elect 2024
Gerda Claeskens, KU Leuven
R.T. Ogden, Columbia University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Ana Maria Staicu, North Carolina State University
Yichuan Zhao, Georgia State University
Treasurer 2024 (Rotates to Secretary in 2025)
Guanqun Cao, Auburn University
Anru Zhang, Duke University
Publications Officer 2024–2026
Hongyuan Cao, Florida State University
Pang Du, Virginia Tech
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Marianthi Markatou, University at Buffalo
Limin Peng, Emory University

Physical and Engineering Sciences

Chair-Elect 2024
Chunfang Devon Lin, Queen’s University
Rui Tuo, Texas A&M University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Oksana Chkrebtii, The Ohio State University
Chenlu Shi, Colorado State University
Secretary/Treasurer 2024–2025
Youngdeok Hwang, City University of New York
Li-Hsiang Lin, Louisiana State University

Statistical Programmers and Analysts

Chair-Elect 2024
Ying-Ju Chen, University of Dayton
William Coar, Axio
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Krunal Khatri, Louisiana State University
Tasneem Zaihra Rizvi, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
Jenny Zhou, BeiGene
Secretary 2024–2025
Vipin Arora, Eli Lilly and Company
Himanshu Patel, Takeda
Joshua Rathmell, BioStat Solutions
Treasurer 2024–2025
Annie Yu, Incyte Corporation
Wenxian Zhou, Eli Lilly and Company
Publications Officer 2024–2025
Andi Mai, Indiana University
Jiping Wang, Yale University

Quality and Productivity

Chair-Elect 2024
Shan Ba, LinkedIn
John Szarka, W.L. Gore & Associates
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Lauren Wilson, Sandia National Laboratory
Qiong Zhang, Clemson University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Caleb King, JMP
Michael Pokojovy, The University of Texas at El Paso

Risk Analysis

Chair-Elect 2024
Alexander Alekseyenko, Medical University of South Carolina
Rajeshwari Sundaram, National Institutes of Health
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Jing Zhang, Miami University
Jiwei Zhao, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Secretary/Treasurer 2024–2025
Parichoy Pal Choudhury, American Cancer Society
Yu Jiang, University of Memphis
Fazlur Rahman, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Publications Officer 2024–2025
Jackson Lautier, University of Connecticut
Kristin Lennox, Exponent
Avishek Mallick, Marshall University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Meredith Ray, University of Memphis
Ekaterina Smirnova, Virginia Commonwealth University
Daniel Zhao, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Social Statistics

Chair-Elect 2024
David Banks, Duke University
Elizabeth Tipton, Northwestern University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Maria Cuellar, University of Pennsylvania
Cesar P. Montalvo, University of Virginia
Chun Wang, University of Washington
Secretary/Treasurer 2024–2026
Tyler H. McCormick, University of Washington
Joshua Snoke, RAND Corporation

Statistics in Sports

Chair-Elect 2024
Weining Shen, University of California, Irvine
Ron Yurko, Carnegie Mellon University
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Zachary Binney, Emory University
Monnie McGee, Southern Methodist University
Communications Officer 2024–2026
Denise Bradford
Ivan Ramler, St. Lawrence University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Michael Schuckers, St. Lawrence University
Catherine Starnes, Knowesis

Survey Research Methods

Chair-Elect 2024
Daifeng Han, Westat
Eric Rancourt, Statistics Canada
Program Chair-Elect 2024
Sixia Chen, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Chris Moriarity, National Center for Health Statistics
Secretary 2024–2025
Martha McRoy, Abt Associates
Recai M. Yucel, Temple University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Nicholas Beyler, Fors Marsh Group
Andreea Erciulescu, Westat
Pushpal Mukhopadhyay, US Energy Information Administration

Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences

Chair-Elect 2024
Brandon George, Thomas Jefferson University
Jaya Satagopan, Rutgers University

Section on Text Analysis

Chair-Elect 2024
Michelle Dunn, US Department of Defense
Karl Pazdernik, North Carolina State University
Council of Sections Representative 2024–2026
Tommy Jones, In-Q-Tel
Li Wang, AbbVie

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